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Hey i'm Three ways round. Well acctually i'm not, most people call me lupo (if you really want to know why ask me). I'm really not sure what to write in here so i'm just gonna do whatever i feel like until i check out some other people's pages and find out what i'm supposed to do in here.

Stuff about me[edit]

Hey! I live in Canada, I'm fourteen years old and I like bubble baths and long walks on the beach. No, I wasn't being serious just for the few of you who didn't catch on.

I am amazingly hot.

I am also amazingly modest. It's scary how modest I can be. Sometimes I'm so modest I flabbergast myself.

I paintball. See below.

I'm a Christian. I go to church and youth, and a bunch of other stuff at my church.

I am a wikipediaholic with a score of 10120.26!

I'm a leaf on the wind, Watch how I soar

I have Canadian and Italian roots. That's it. My mom was born in Canada, my dad was born in Italy, and the rest of my family as far as I can track is Italian.

I'm a browncoat (if you don't know what that means, you're not supposed to)

I listen to punk/hard rock, with some lighter stuff too. Well, that's my favourite. I'll listen to anything from Rod Stewart, to Run DMC, to screamo. I also really like Techno. but I don't like hip-hop. Oh but I love disco, disco rocks!!!!!!!

My favourite bands are MxPx (aka Magnified Plaid), Relient K, Steadfast, and Out of the Monetary (the last two are the same band just pre-, and post-signing with Warner Brothers).

I play the bass, and "Three Ways Round" is going to be my band's name (so far we have a bassist, and a person who's learning to play the guitar). The bass I have is a Jerzey, but i hope to eventually get a Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass V.


Like i said before I paintball. Well actually that's not completely true. to be honest i play recball and i'm a complete newb. I don't even have my own gun yet. but hopefully soon i will have saved enough to buy the gun i want, a tippmann A-5. I'm definatly getting an aftermarket barrel (i'm not quite sure which one yet, i'm tied up between a few) and a stock. I'm not sure if i want to get a special trigger, but i know if i do it's not going to be electronic (i don't want any electronicks in my gun). I'll also probibly get some other upgrades as well. i am a rec-woodsball player, but i do play speedball every once in a blue moon. i hope to eventually join a professional team, and get into the big games. but all that's a long way off. I'll keep updating this as i go on with my paintballing career.

Phrases to think about[edit]

Is there another word for synonym?

Have you ever seen the Colour indigo in a rainbow?

Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavour, but dishwasher detergent is made with real lemons?

Why do fat chance, and slim chance mean the same thing?

why are Overlook, and Oversee opposites?

One day i woke up and all of my stuff was stolen, and replaced by exact duplicates.

I'd kill for a nobel peace prize.

golf has the highest amount of deaths per capita while playing than any other sport, leading causes of deaths are heart attacks and strokes.

87.3 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot.

There are Three types of mathematitions in the world, the one's who can count, and the ones who can't.

People say i'm strange, does that make me a stranger?

If a word was misspelt in the distionary how would we know?

This statement is false!

I'd give my left arm to be Ambidextrous.


this is my blah section. it was made for other users too add to my userpage because i'm too lazy to do it myself. Please add anything here at will. NO expletives please! :D doooooo


umm theres a bunch more but i don't feel like takeing the time to do that right now soo i'll see you around

leave a comment or talk thing if your able too

peace out
ciao  ;)