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About Me

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This Wikipedian joined Wikipedia on October 6, 2017 (1 year, 7 months, 2 weeks and 5 days ago).
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Hello! Thank you for visiting my userpage.
I made my account in 2017 after using being an avid Wikipedia user since 2009. I made my first few edits anonymously in 2011. I edit and create articles on a multitude of topics, primarily centering around the Mid-Atlantic states of the U.S. and WikiProject Women in Red. I enjoy rescuing poorly written or sourced articles.

Growing up, I was a huge fan of Steve Irwin and his family. I graduated from Goucher College and am currently a grad student at Johns Hopkins University.

My current activities include:

Articles Created


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  2. El Alfa
  3. I. Jonathan Amster
  4. Yalitza Aparicio
  5. Needhi Bhalla
  6. Alan Berman
  7. Chrystelle Trump Bond
  8. José Antonio Bowen
  9. Nyuju Stumpy Brown
  10. Ambika Bumb
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  26. Fémina
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  30. Natasha Gajewski
  31. James H. Geer
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  33. Marvin Goldfried
  34. Shyamala Gopalan
  35. Margret Grebowicz
  36. Rachel Haurwitz
  37. Michael Hendricks
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  39. Mau y Ricky
  40. Men I Trust
  41. Mike and the Moonpies
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  43. Nancy Hubbard
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  95. Juliette Wells
  96. Lilian Welsh
  97. Denny Weston Jr
  98. Jill Zimmerman



The topics and content of my editing here are entirely self-directed. I generally write about topics related to the United States. I am not compensated for anything I write on Wikipedia.

My Travels
Lived In Maryland Argentina Costa Rica
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