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Evening all. I never use this page but if, god forbid, anyone finds something they wish to pull me short about, hey, I guess this is the place to start. All the best... 'sucker.

As Thumbsucker has left no means of contact,

As for the influence of Ben Liebrand's In The Mix Radio Show: Do check :

For a more complete list of releases:

And the direct contact to Ben Liebrand

Ben's career does sound a bit like an adventure story, but then again, it was exactly that and influenced many to become the DJ's of this moment including Armin van Buuren and Tiësto. Proof of this can be found in these gentlemen's biographies. This influence by the way was not something that Ben was aiming for or even realised he had at the time. It wasn't untill many years later the internet provided the links to and stories behind these people.

investigating these influences arose form writing a portfolio as a part of graduating for a Bachelor Degree in Music and Technology in 2005.

Greetings Ben Liebrand