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Random gibberish[edit]

  • Random 1
  • 04
  • Pseudo-random number of the day:
    • The wrong "algorithm" using simple multiplications of date elements does not work (min and max mostly inacessible, medium and even values too frequent): no equal distribution.
    • A correct congruent algorithm (using base 67 numbers because 67 is a prime larger with no common divisor with all date elements):
    • {{#expr:(({{CURRENTDAY}}*67+{{CURRENTMONTH}})*67+{{CURRENTWEEKDAY}})mod({{{max}}}-{{{min}}})+{{{min}}}}}
    • Exemple (with min=0, max=9): 0

Stuff for clean up[edit]

Threats to the tourism industry[edit]

  1. Tsunami hits tourist inflow to Kerala
  2. Kerala tourism least affected by tsunami
  3. Tsunami update
  • Sex tourism
  1. Kerala becoming hub of child-sex tourism
  • Development projects
  1. Tourism may face threat from Vizhinjam project
  • Sand mining
  1. Mineral sand coast under threat
  • Red titde
  1. `Red tide' threat to beach tourism in Kovalam