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Welcome to my user page! This is a place where I can talk a bit about myself, rant, refute, state opinions on, or otherwise state useless jargon that can probably be taken worth a grain of salt. Hope you enjoy it!

I've especially liked the fact that Wikipedia is different from other encyclopedias in that it has many articles about popular culture, which are unlikely to be in others and may take years to materialize if they do actually see the light of day. This is why most articles I have greatly contributed to are ones about cultural items, particularly games.

Featured Articles I've Greatly Contributed To[edit]

Age of Empires The epic series spans history, and now it is a fine example of Wikipedia

Good Articles I've Greatly Contributed To[edit]

Empire Earth I did some early work on this article and helped bring it from a mess into something better.

Risk (game) When Wikiproject Strategy Games focused on this article, I did a fair amount to help. I'd love to see this become a featured article!

Articles I'm Working On to Reach GA Status[edit]

Age of Empires (video game)- After nominating this article for Good Article status before it deserved it, I've been diligently editing it to bring it up to par.

Siege of Avalon- I enjoy this game and decided to make an article for it. It's my goal to expand it.

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WikiProject Video games.
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