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Welcome to my user page
I'm not going to tell you my life story here (well not yet) but what I will tell you is that I live in the best area of Queensland (well thats what I think) and it used to be called the City of Thuringowa, but seeing as the Government had a brain fart and wiped most of the LGA's off the map i now live in the City of Townsville....the funny thing is how i now live in another city but never moved!!!
I run a small Computer business as well as promoting bands all over Queensland, I was a member of the Thuringowa city voices (but now i have been moved over the Townsville Voices) and the Thuringowa police alert (that is now known as the Townsville/Thuringowa Police Alert) as well as many other former Thuringowa city programs.
I was a professional drag racer for about 14 years and played lead guitar in my own band until I had to give up the racing and music due to my health, I then built race motors for the next 4 years but again my health let me down and had to stop, so I moved into computer building and band promoting and that's where I am today. I have lived in Thuringowa all my life and did plan to stay in Thuringowa, But at least the Former Thuringowa Mayor now runs Townsville. Most of my friends moved here, some still live in Carins, Brisbane and the USA. The main thing I like do here on Wikipedia is make sure that the Thuringowa city page and all other Thuringowa articles are kept up to date with the correct facts and aren't misleading. I also like to keep the Marfan's Syndrome page up to date with any new findings and keep the pages that i started BUT DO NOT OWN up to date. (It seems one wiki editor has thought that i think i own the pages that i start, well this editor must be on crack becasue i have never and will not ever think that i own a page, i already have my own website so why would i want to own a page on here?)
If you feel that I have edited something wrong or want to ask me anything, please drop me a line... I'm always around here somewhere.
Also please have a look at the Wikitravel page about Thuringowa that i helped fix up, just click here: Thuringowa travel guide from Wikitravel
It has also come to my attition that some users on Wiki seem to think that because my user name has the word "rep" in it that i must have "some connection with the council" WELL i just want to clear it up now I DON'T WORK FOR OR HAVE ANY OFFICAL DEALINGS WITH THE COUNCIL OTHER THAN FOR MUSIC PROMOTION.
AND yet again I'm still hearing things about my user name and a conection to the Council and i was told to change my user name....WHY THE HELL SHOULD I? the editors that have this problem need to get a life in the real world and stop picking on me because of a user name...stop acting like children and keep your POV to yourself. And seeing how Thuringowa is no more ...maybe now you will LAY OFF. Right now thats cleared up i don't want to here about it yet again.

This is a list of the pages i have started and help keep up to date (BUT DO NOT OWN)

Some pages I have added to and help to keep correct (BUT AGAIN DON"T OWN)