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A Genesis Found is a 2009 American Independent adventure/mystery film written and directed by Lee Fanning. The film was produced by Lee Fanning and Benjamin Stark for the Alabama-based Production Company Wonder Mill Films[1].


In 1938, while working an excavation at Moundville Archaeological Park, Civilian Conservation Corps cadet John Patton Jr. found the key to our darkest secret - an anomalous skeleton neither animal nor man. Uncertain of its implications, Patton concealed the secret for decades - until revealing it to the world in a sensational tell-all novel that made him notorious across the globe. Claiming the skeleton was proof of not only the existence of extraterrestrials, but also of their involvement in the genesis of the human race, the novel would ultimately destroy his accomplished anthropology career-and leave him shunned at home. Nearly thirty years later, his grandson Gardner, an anthropology student at the University of Alabama, is forced to come to terms with his grandfather's past, a man he never knew but in whose footsteps he inevitably follows. When his cousin, controversial documentary filmmaker Bart Thompson, arrives at Moundville for a seemingly routine shoot, Gardner is eager to help. He soon learns, however, that Bart isn't back just to shoot a movie - he wants to find the skeleton their grandfather buried nearly seventy years before, and prove once and for all what he claimed was true.[2]


A Genesis Found was shot in the summer 2008 through out Northern and Central Alabama. Locations included Huntsville, Decatur, Hartselle, Tuscaloosa, Moundville, Plevna, and New Hope, Alabama[3]. The film was shot on largely on weekends, beginning in late-April 2008. The film wrapped production on July 19, 2008 [4].

The cast and crew was comprised largely of young, Alabama-based craftspeople, most under the age of 25, working for deferred salaries. The film's recorded budget was $27,200 [5].

Cast and Crew[edit]

Actor Role
Elliot Moon Gardner Patton
Elise Zieman Kelsey West
Luke Weaver Bart Thompson
Bennett Parker John Patton Jr.
Rob Wilds Dr. Kerry Sims
Steven Burch Dr. Kevin McClean
Tyler Gibson Tim Shaw
Julian "Jay" Burton Ben Watson
Philip Barnes Levi Thompson
Jackson Pyle Dr. Jones
Murray Nicholson DeJarnette
Jonathan Bradford Patrick Dobbs
Crew Member Position
Lee Fanning Writer/Director/Producer
Benjamin Stark Producer
Stephen Martel Lucas Director of Photography
Peyton Fanning Costume Design
Danielle Stark Set Decor
Jackie Hadwin Hair and Make-up
Markus Matei Assistant Director
Jerrell Bowden Barracks Construction
Samantha Hernandez Props/Production Stills
Troy Fuqua Sound Recordist
David Possien Post Effects
Joey Brown Assistant Camera
Brett Robinson Score
Christopher Whitney Score

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