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Hello to all my name is Stephania but my friends tell me TEFA, and I'm from  Colombia 14 years, I'm faithful to the Catholic religion, I am currently in secondary 3°.

I have skills for creativity and that is why in my free time drawing, paint, I make videos, I'm with my friends or on the Internet and I am in wikipedia to contribute with all the articles and they are better

Meaning of My Name framless[edit]


Stepahia: Female Name of Russian origin. Form female Esteban, crowned with laurels.

Analysis by numerology name Stephania

Nature emotive:

Nature emotional and matching. It is expressed through Ideally, the brilliant and the causal. He loves the experience, knowledge and evidence. He likes to feel rewarded

Expressing Nature:

It is meticulous. It is expressed so as to draw attention and feel superior. Look prosperity and achievement. Ama implementation, planning and contribute ideas.

Natural Talent:

It is mind-sighted thinking. It is expressed as a practical thinker, who plans big and the plan is served simultaneously encoding and demolition. Get increase in businesses that require methods of organized effort. His mind is all the more foresight is the more widely the company. He loves the important thing, which takes time and work over time. Could excel in professions as an expert in efficiency, industrial, executive editor or publisher critic, a businessman, public servant, banker, interpreter.

"Lucky Number: '7

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'स्तेपनिया "

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