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Tijuana Brass

I originally started here at Wikipedia in 2005. Due to the more important needs of my family and job, I've been inactive for a few years now, making a few occasional edits anonymously. My past admin tasks were usually pushing the mop around by sifting through CAT:CSD or closing AfDs.

Off-wiki, I do stuff outside. And drink a lot of coffee. Actually, I do a lot of things that are more interesting and rewarding than Wikipedia. I'm pretty fascinating.

The username comes from here, if you're wondering.

Recent news: If you're a CAT:CSD patroller, you might find this template useful for notifying users that they just had an article deleted — I personally don't like leaving new editors wondering why their work disappeared. Check it out: User:Tijuana Brass/deletion1. 09:18, 18 January 2007 (UTC)

A few articles I intend to write or do some work on or maybe just leave here in this little box forever as a monument to procrastination

Finished, April 30. Might tweak it a little in the future, but it's done with for now. Peer reviews welcome.

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I ♥ vandals

...but not enough to keep this updated like I used to.

Here's a few entertaining edits. If you've found some particularly good ones, add them on. If you haven't, vandalize this page — I'm trying to reach the century mark. To date, this page has been vandalized 78 times. (as of 2006... stopped counting long ago)

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Hey, if you want to mirror this, knock yourself out.

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