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About Me
TKK herding some new users in the right direction.

Userus Tikuko (common name TKK) is a domesticated species of WikiPlatypus found in Maine and throughout the American eastern seaboard. It can be found writing about dogs, agriculture, and other similar topics, and likes to do a lot of reviewing. TKK has substantially improved or nominated at least five articles for Good Article status and seems to be a little proud of this. TKK is also strangely proud of the fact that it "obviously has no knowledge regarding the Murray River Curly Coated Retriever, futhermore should be banned from any further edits due to disregard and the users lack of any knowledge what so ever on these dogs." [sic]

Offwiki, TKK can be found making a living by selling any number of creations to furries and cooking food for very irritating humans. TKK possesses numerous culinary certifications, 1/4 a library science bachelor's degree, and has a strong casual interest in natural history.

One time, TKK was literally yelled at by a very naked Salv in the middle of the night. The next day Salv accidently deleted TKK's userpage. A couple weeks later they got wiki-married, the free marriage that anyone can edit.


0Tikuko is
evaluating CSD:G13
eligible AfC drafts

DYK: 5 submitted / 6 reviewed (1 'free' DYK)


Conflict of interest: I have very poor opinions of Penn National Gaming. I also have strong opinions about bovine growth hormone, organic farming and organic food, cosmetic animal testing, and animal rights, so I try to avoid articles related to these subject areas except for minor type editing.

Other accounts: I have a single alternate account, User:TKK public, that I use to make edits from work, school, or other places where forgetting to log out could potentially compromise my primary account.

Thoughts on editing and policy

The Trifecta is a very useful philosophy, and in most senses I subscribe to it.

I suppose you could say I also subscribe to a more deletionist philosophy, in contrast to an inclusionist one.

New Page Patrol[edit]

PageCuration, having been built by those evil liberal Californians Fox tells me about, is clearly mimicking it's creators by clamping down on our god-given right to effectively discuss and purchase firearms. An alternate explanation might be "it looks like Page Curation bugs out when it sees articles that start with a full stop", but that's clearly nonsense.

I primarily patrol new pages, the upload log, and on occasion usernames. I almost never patrol recent changes. I try to patrol from the back of the queue - usually, if you catch me patrolling the front, it's because I accidentally refreshed the entire page instead of just the new page feed, and my browser snapped to the front and I didn't notice. I patrol with a combination of Twinkle and the PageCuration tools, which is why my CSD and PROD logs are inconsistent.

Adminship and userrights[edit]

I have little to no interest in adminship as I believe most of the tools offered to sysops would not help me improve Wikipedia. I have no interest in either "passive" or "active" admin work and I have no interest in being knotted up in admin drama. I do most of my work patrolling new pages, creating requested articles, and working at AfC; admin rights wouldn't help me substantially with any of these areas.

I requested and was granted Reviewer rights by User:INeverCry. I requested these rights as I enjoy and had experience patrolling articles and this opens up another 'area' of Wikipedia for me to keep an eye on. User:Salvidrim! granted me Autopatrolled rights soon after, as in addition to trying to reduce the NPP backlog, I have a tendency to not help the problem by creating lots of stubs for WP:RA.

Breed article standards[edit]

I use a special, personal guideline when evaluating if a breed (not a species) of any given species (dogs, cats, cattle or otherwise) is suitable for inclusion. I defer to WP:SPECIES for species. The bar I set for notability is as follows:

  • The breed is recognized by at at least one extant registry, applicable to that species, including but not limited to the following:
  • NOT the Continental Kennel Club, which recognizes any breed provided the breed promoters are willing to pay a fee to have their breed registered with them. This doesn't establish notability.
  • NOT the breed's own breed club when that breed club is unrecognized by a kennel club or kennel council.
  • OR The breed is an extinct breed or previously recognized breed well documented in literature, either modern or historical
  • OR The breed is an otherwise unrecognized crossbreed well documented in literature (Labradoodle and numerous B. taurus hybrids, for example)
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