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Michael I. Trofimov.

Brief info about me in Intel site: [[1]]

As a rule, in Wikipedia I edit only computer sci. and chemistry pages -- the areas, where I printed articles in well-known sci. journals.

The list of some my important contributions to wiki-pages:

Assembly language
Binary search algorithm
Chemical graph theory
Cluster analysis
CodeGear Delphi
Combinatorial chemistry
Comparison of Pascal and C
Computational complexity theory
Criticism of C++
Four color theorem
Graph isomorphism
Graph isomorphism problem
Graph property
Haruo Hosoya
Heuristic algorithm
Hopcroft–Karp algorithm
Hosoya index
Intel Software Network
List of academic disciplines
List of organic compounds
List of organic reactions
List of scientific journals in chemistry
Math Kernel Library
Mathematical chemistry
Metal-ion-catalyzed σ-bond rearrangement
Microsoft Pascal
Molecular descriptor
Molecular graph
Organic chemistry
Object-oriented programming
Pascal (programming language)
Rearrangement reaction
Recursion (computer science)
Regular graph
System of linear equations
Topological index
Wiener index
Wikipedia:Manual of Style (mathematics)‎