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Calvinism todos[edit]

Work on Wikipedia:WikiProject Calvinism


Misc notes[edit]

News from WikiProject Calvinism

Last change: 2012/01/17

All the Calvinism-related news that is news from across the encyclopedia


We have updated the look of the project and corrected some things like the collaboration to reflect the reality on the ground. Check it out and get involved!


  • The current collaboration is Calvinism
  • Nominate or vote for your favourite articles so that they can be the next collaboration; see Collaboration page for details.

Most important tasks[edit]

  • Collaborate on this month's Collaboration article.


Guitar todos[edit]

Electric Folk todos[edit]


Other Roots music ideas[edit]



On hold until Wikipedia:WikiProject reform is sorted out[edit]

  • Make templates that cover general WikiProject stuff, and then use the templates for the WikiProjects I'm associated with
  • Actually, I need to rewrite that reform page myself, and see what people do
  • Use m:CatScan (here) intersecting the following WikiProjects with the following other categories to fill out the lists listed after the categories; store the results of the run as a subpage of the WikiProject and link from the "more..." link in the todo list
  • Consider continuing Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Guide, especially:
    • Consider integrating stuff from the WikiProject subpage back into the main document; however, they will need to be generalised to include task forces and possibly other tiers as well, so they need to be done one at a time. Candidate sections are:
      • Recruiting (relates to task forces as well as WikiProjects)
      • Getting to work
      • Auxiliary features
      • At least parts of "Common pitfalls"
      • Technical Notes
      • Project Categories

Links I seem to use often[edit]

Subpages (old stuff)[edit]

The pages I've created as subpages of this are:


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Someone said:

For intersections, a really useful tool is m:CatScan. (Can only handle "and") -- John Broughton (♫♫) 22:46, 28 March 2007 (UTC)