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My name is Tim. Spelling & grammar errors 'jump off the page' for me so I do mainly corrections of those. I also have amended entries on living people such as George Monbiot and Alexander Cockburn to better reflect their expressed beliefs or activities. I adhere strictly to a natural world view and believe deeply in the supremacy of science over non-science. I think Global Warming is the only scientific, technological, and political, issue of our times that really matters because any alternative to that view (that does not at least include that view) amounts to more or less the same as self-imposed genocide, or even human extinction, since I tend to believe in some of the worst-case climate change scenarios suggested by people like James Lovelock and Gwynne Dyer.

I believe Wikipedia remains the best use of the web so far. The most important thing needed for it to improve is more translation into other major languages.