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See my Now page and from there, explore the rest of my personal website

I was in intellectual nirvana after discovering Wikipedia in 2001. (My first wikipedia-l posting was August 8 of that year.) I was sad to see Larry Sanger leave the project. I followed him to Citizendium, but I don't want to burn any bridges here.

My contributions speak for themselves. Compare with my edit count.

I describe how WP fits into my blogging process at (Summary: I believe Wikipedia is the most important blogging tool that exists.) Even though that post is out of date, my belief hasn't changed. Although I'm a little jaded because it's hard to feel welcomed here anymore if you don't have hours and hours to spend writing, defending yourself, etc. Nevertheless, I pop in every now and then to drop in a factoid or two.

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13 Jul 2023 I can't believe Wikipedia didn't have an article on William Clark for over two years! I created the stub on 24 April 2003. Follow the development from the beginning, the first edits on the history page.

7 July 2023 Anyone interested in developing /ChannelPoint?

29 June 2023 I've been reading All the Knowledge in the World and felt compelled to button up Simon Garfield's work on People of Banana.

22 Jan 2023 Just popping in to say I'm now working on the encyclosphere and to note that I cut my wiki teeth on Ward Cunningham's original Wiki Wiki Web:

11 Aug 2022 Milestone. Scooped the news of Connor Fields' retirement.

7 Feb 2021 It seems all I do here anymore is pop in to drop a sentence or two in this section. I red "Injured Merit: How a righteous sense of grievance can lead to a better world" by Paula Marantz Cohen, Thursday, January 28, 2021. Then I Ducksearched and found her page at (she also blogs!) and thought about creating Paula Marantz Cohen. She's notable! No, I have found that Wikipedians are no longer tolerant of stubs. It stopped being enjoyable to contribute here years ago. Sigh.

14 Nov 19 TIL I possess the 10th oldest account here! [1]

06 Jul 19 I'm getting too much pushback on the humble Ellipsis button. It is a button placed typically in a top corner of a graphical user interface. It takes the form of an icon that consists of three dots (displayed as ). [Compare to and contrast with the Hamburger button.] It is also known as a Kebab menu. Kudos Graeme Bartlett for recovering the text. Ref. my request. More history on my Talk page. I need to flesh it out before trying to create the article again. Someday it will have as much content as the Hamburger button article.

09 May 19 Popped in because I met Shawn Milne today. Already met Derek Bouchard-Hall, Tim Johnson, Jeff Pierce, Jamie Staff, and Gary Sutton. And speaking of cycling, I like to imagine that Lucien Choury is a distant relative.

29 Jul 14 Popped in to improve the Irvine Dataflow article. Arvind was my Bachelor's thesis advisor at the 'Tute. I never wrote a line of Id, FWIW.

3 Jan 13 I found a couple articles that Wikipedians have not yet squashed with picky standards. I added comments: Talk:In the Beginning... Was the Command Line (Garrett Birkel's rebuttal, On Bug Tracking), and Talk:List of email subject abbreviations#Netiquette is not encyclopedic.

1 Aug 12 MCR = Master of Corporate Real Estate. Someone signed their email with the MCR designation and it made me curious. WP blacklisted EzineArticles dot com slash 3044073. I know, I know, WP doesn't cite original research. And I'm betting that domain is blacklisted because it doesn't archive properly at WebCite (something to do with the frame).

20 Feb 12 Raised this issue: Talk:Main Page/Archive 165#John Glenn. Learned that I need to plan ahead and spruce up pages I want to see showcased.

18 Feb 12 Joined the lively discussion following publication of "The 'Undue Weight' of Truth on Wikipedia," by Timothy Messer-Kruse in The Chronicle of Higher Education. See my DISQUS profile and click on Activity.

2 Dec 11 Who is this philosopher Timothy Chambers and how has his page managed to survive the dreaded test of noteworthiness all these years? Not that I'm complaining. I'm simply impressed. Link for public discussion.

15 Aug 11 After notification by User:Inks.LWC, I see that Paparazzi the project was speedily deleted by User:RHaworth. And User:Satori Son eliminated it from Paparazzi (disambiguation). Sigh. This project has changed so much in ten years. On one hand, I understand that googling will turn up the Paparazzi project MediaWiki, but on the other hand, my philosophy of this project when I was most active defined it as a way to vet and catalog search results so that people could more easily find the information they sought. Notability was much more loosely defined. I wish I could have made time to stay engaged and argue on the side of article inclusion when it counted.

I'm in this for the long-term, though. The pendulum can swing the other way again. I hold out hope that I'll have more time for WP in the future.

29 Jan 11 added comments to Talk:Disabled veteran street vendors, Talk:Jamshied Sharifi, and User talk:Accounting4Taste. And updated this page and answered wiki mail. Sigh. That's all I have time for right now.

10 Sep 10 I like Template:fancruft! Just discovered it used at Public_Broadcasting_Service oldid=383299946


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