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Tim Phillips - born 16 May, 1967, he's an active Wikipedian from mid 2005. He was a lurker for half a year, but has become more active, as he sees Wikipedia as a project with purpose in the midst of a world with little purpose. Tim currently resides in Long Island New York, and spent his formative years in the Twin Cities metropolitan area of Minnesota.

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Wikipedia Related[edit]

I have made a moderate wikipedia edits, primarily fixes. I enjoy wikiped thoroughly and want to do more (as I suspect all do).


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Interesting Things[edit]

I use my power boat in the Long Island sound for exploring (into the city when I can) some fishing and towable sports.

I love movies and automobiles. I have a Porsche 911 Classic and a few other vehicles that are specialized for pragmatic uses. I primarily maintain them enough to keep them operable.

I am a Software Engineer (Computer Specialist) at CA Technologies.


One of my sides.

There are a couple of ways to contact me in addition to the preferred talk entry -