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After dozens of ignored and/or reverted messages from various editors, ranging from suggestions to warnings, I finally flipped at Andreas11213. I've had it. Nobody can be that stupid after so many talkpage notices (which he reverts... about the only time he's willing to use a talk page... speaks volumes).


And for the icing on the cake, if the Canning by-election swing (during Turncoat's so-called honeymoon) was replicated at the next election, the Liberal government would lose in an historic landslide!

Oh how I love karma :D

Same-sex marriage in Australia might be happening!

"Australia is the last developed English-speaking country not to allow same-sex marriage".[1] Have all the other developed English-speaking countries cried over how to unscramble the egg?

One moderate, who did not want to be named, said that not only was a referendum unnecessary because no constitutional change was needed, he and other moderates were in no doubt it was being proposed only because there was next to no chance it would pass and gay marriage would be killed off for the long term. He noted that for years Liberal conservatives had fought constitutional change. They opposed the republic, scuttled plans for a referendum on local government recognition, and are currently fighting the proposed referendum on the constitutional recognition of Indigenous people. "After all their sanctimony about the sanctity of the constitution, now they want to make a change when none is necessary," he said. "We're not going to accept it."[2]

Let's get on and pass it, and we can stop talking about it, Andrew Robb. "While they're talking about gay marriage, there's boats turning up at Christmas Island." Offensive rubbish, look over there diversions. Using asylum seekers to bash same-sex marriage, they're getting creative... and desperate! As your own Liberal MPs have been saying on this, what... you can't walk and chew gum at the same time?

As for "any decision must be owned by the Parliament, not a particular party", at the end of May 2015, only 10 of 123 Coalition MPs were in support. That's less than 10 percent. Meanwhile, that same list has dozens upon dozens of Labor MPs in support. The pursuit of marriage equality will always have been spearheaded by Labor. Rainbow Labor was formed in 2002. Do the Libs have an equivalent? Ha! Don't walk both sides of the fence and try and take credit for something you've never supported, something you probably secretly blame a "Labor Green conspiracy" for.

Still sour grapes from conservative MPs, spouting garbage statements that can be read here about how the community doesn't support it. Wake up, repeatedly three quarters of Australians support it! Blind and deaf or just too scared to admit it? Get out of the way before parliament hits you like a sack of bricks. Brick, brick, brick, brick, brick, and another brick. All newly supportive Coalition MPs. If they're coming out of the woodwork now while the Coalition's policy is an ignorant, Australian-ignoring 'No', imagine how many more would support it if a conscience vote were allowed.

"This issue has opened my eyes. I have listened to a lot of stories. I have spoken to a lot of people over the last week or so. 86 per cent of those people have indicated that they would like me to support marriage equality" - Natasha Griggs. See what happens when Coalition MPs actually, y'know, listen to their electorate? And they "have their eyes opened" too! Why were they closed? Surrounded by similarly-minded ultra-conservatives? And I mean real listening, not the blind-faith, ignorant, scared and false "my electorate doesn't support it" crap. Or worse, "there's no gays in my electorate"! It's old and tired and the last dying gasp of the homophobe dinosaur MP. Every other Western country has passed it, does that mean we are the most backward Western country, not to mention Europe and even the US?

Those who protest the loudest must have the largest closets...

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