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So let me get this straight. Abbott would rather refuse to allow IS-backers in to the country, than to trial and jail them for life? ...sorry, but where's the disincentive... where's the punishment...? Seems like a free ticket to commit crimes without retribution to me.

As for Mallah and Q&A... it's a free country, we can say what we want - to attempt to suppress indicates a lack of one's own courage of their convictions. The mistake was giving mass-oxygen to him which the Abbott govt, News Ltd and The Australian have served up in spades. He's now swimming in attention and he's loving it. Own goal. But while we're at it, it's not just the Abbott govt radicalising people, it's the Coalition of the Willing... the USA, UK, and indeed us - that invaded Iraq a decade ago and left it a complete mess leaving groups like IS to flourish with the perfect propaganda. Another own goal Coalition... one massive own goal.

As for Abbott's "whose side are you on?" to the ABC - this encapsulates you perfectly. Unlike your News Ltd/The Australian/Sky News rubbish who love to editorialise and take sides and then on top of that have the audacity to report it as fact, fancy having a media outlet that... doesn't take a side! The best media outlets allow all points of view to be aired. The public realise this which is why the ABC continues to enjoy the most support in the community, an entire two-thirds support! An Australian media outlet doesn't have two-thirds community support by taking a left or right view. Two-thirds speaks volumes about the ABC's neutrality. The public didn't like it when Labor attacked the News Ltd media, imagine how they feel when Abbott can't help but continually attack the uniquely-much-loved ABC!

All of this is meant to play to a certain audience, but clearly it's just playing to the home audience. Abbott is barely treading water and all he can do is repeatedly desperately yank on the dog-whistling, wedge-politicking Tampa lever like a panicked sailor! Doesn't have quite the same effect it used to! Is that really all you're made of Abbott? Surely you can't be all-nasty, can you...?

Same-sex marriage in Australia might be happening!

Leyonhjelm said he'd only introduce legislation when he's confident of the parliamentary numbers, and he's now going to introduce it. Snap, Shorten and Plibersek are introducing their version in to the lower house! There must be movement at the station! I wonder which MPs will vote yes who haven't said so publicly yet. You can see the full list of declared yes voters in the above link. Exciting times!

Let's get on and pass it, and we can stop talking about it, Andrew Robb. "While they're talking about gay marriage, there's boats turning up at Christmas Island." Offensive rubbish, look over there diversions. Using asylum seekers to bash same-sex marriage, they're getting creative... and desperate! As your own Liberal MPs have been saying on this, what, you can't walk and chew gum at the same time?

As for "any decision must be owned by the Parliament, not a particular party", at the end of May 2015, only 10 of 123 Coalition MPs were in support. That's less than 10 percent. Meanwhile, that same list has dozens upon dozens of Labor MPs in support. The pursuit of marriage equality will always have been spearheaded by Labor. Rainbow Labor was formed in 2002. Do the Libs have an equivalent? Ha! Don't walk both sides of the fence and try and take credit for something you've never supported, something you probably secretly blame a "Labor Green conspiracy" for.

Still sour grapes from conservative MPs, spouting garbage statements that can be read here about how the community doesn't support it. Wake up, repeatedly three quarters of Australians support it! Blind and deaf or just too scared to admit it? Get out of the way before parliament hits you like a sack of bricks. Brick, brick, brick, brick, brick, and another brick. All newly supportive Coalition MPs. If they're coming out of the woodwork now while the Coalition's policy is an ignorant, Australian-ignoring 'No', imagine how many more would support it if a conscience vote were allowed.

"This issue has opened my eyes. I have listened to a lot of stories. I have spoken to a lot of people over the last week or so. 86 per cent of those people have indicated that they would like me to support marriage equality" - Natasha Griggs. See what happens when Coalition MPs actually, y'know, listen to their electorate? And they "have their eyes opened" too! Why were they closed? Surrounded by similarly-minded ultra-conservatives? And I mean real listening, not the blind-faith, ignorant, scared and false "my electorate doesn't support it" crap. Or worse, "there's no gays in my electorate"! It's old and tired and the last dying gasp of the homophobe dinosaur MP. Every other Western Commonwealth country has passed it, does that mean we are the most backward Western Commonwealth country, not to mention many US states and Europe?

Those who protest the loudest must have the largest closets...

"Idiot" is the word that comes most often in Labor's focus groups when voters are asked about the Prime Minister. And lest you're thinking this is just what Labor would spin isn't it, we had a confirmation this week from focus group polling conducted for Fairfax by one of Australia's most respected focus group pollsters, Visibility's Tony Mitchelmore, with the small caveat being that these voters didn't describe Tony Abbott as an idiot but a fool.

Voters in Western Sydney – selected because they had switched their vote from Labor to Liberal at the 2011 NSW election – described the Prime Minister as "incompetent, an international embarrassment and a fool".[1]

Four out of 10, or two-thirds of the backbench, voted against Abbott with no other candidate standing. lulz. I want him voted out at the next election but somehow I think he'll get dumped sooner unfortunately.

And here we are. Liberals well behind, and dangerously sustained, both in SA and federally. In SA, 53-47 to a fourth-term govt, incredible! 33% Lib primary vote! Unseen since 2009! But not a jot of reporting at AdelaideNow. Typical biased News Ltd. Even Marshall's diving approval ratings alone are worth a report. Perhaps he can start competing with Abbott for least popular leader in Australia. Fisher by-election, oh the lulz! I repeat: The Australian fury is palpable and unprecedented.

2014 Australian federal budget. What a truly terrible horrific inhuman Abbott Liberal budget full of surprises, excuses and broken promises.

Suffering badly in the polls, going from the most unpopular opposition-to-government ever, and starting on the worst polling footing prior to the worst first and any Australian budget ever. Now this is the only self-inflicted one-term government if there ever was one.

And this is how they celebrate.

The people, EVEN several state Liberal governments, are rising up. The Australian fury is palpable and unprecedented.


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