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No crossbench was courted - CAKE WAS SERVED!!!

So, here we are, the 2016 federal election campaign, with most opinion polls pointing to a Liberal loss. Libs have won only 1 of the last 20 opinion polls. Isn't this the point in the cycle where the Liberals do what they do best and from nowhere blast a mammoth dog-whistle wedge? Something to do with Islam surely. Like bugs to a light-globe, undoubtedly the Liberals will panic and pull the trigger, the only question is when. Stay tuned...!

By the way, as of 22 June, on the two-party vote the government have won just four of the past 35 federal opinion polls! That's almost Turnbull's own benchmark for a change of Liberal leadership! :)

Also, I keep hearing from the Coalition that a vote for anyone other than the Coalition is a vote for the "Labor Green Independent alliance". Does that mean it's the Coalition's 40% primary vote against the 60% non-Coalition primary vote, which logically means 60% of Australians want a Labor-led government? And 55% of Australians wanted a Labor-led government in 2013? Fools.

My prediction for today's federal election: Significantly longer lines and waits at booths due to the Senate change where voters will be numbering more than one box :)

I've been very amused with the various outcomes across the country. SA, wow... the worst Liberal Party of Australia seat and likely 2PP result in SA history :O 67% in Kingston?!?! Double digit margins in Makin and Wakefield? So much for the Gillard-born-in-Adelaide 2010 election theory! Oh the lulz! Better than any fiction!! I can't believe how psephologically fascinating and interesting this election has been! Best. Loss. Ever.

ABC embarks on ambitious digital archive overhaul - oooooh! Media archiving in SA and Australia generally is completely woeful, to think the ABC have the vision for it and they think they can afford it, despite cuts to the ABS and SBS! Cant wait to see how it takes shape!


Although the state-wide two-party vote (2PP) at the 2014 South Australian state election was 47.0% Labor v 53.0% Liberal, the Adelaide metropolitan area containing over 75% of South Australia's population and 72% of seats (34 of 47) recorded a 2PP of 51.5% Labor v 48.5% Liberal.

Metropolitan 2PP correctly calculated by adding raw metro 2PP vote numbers from the 34 metro seats, both Labor and Liberal, then dividing Labor's raw metro 2PP vote from the total, which revealed a Labor metropolitan 2PP of 51.54%. Obtained raw metro 2PP vote numbers from ECSA 2014 election statistics, ECSA 2014 Heysen election and ABC 2014 Fisher by-election.

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