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I really struggle with contributors who don't actually expand wikipedia. Look at my contributions and replace my username with your username or someone else's username. If your first page of contributions has barely any, or worse, no bold green entries indicating an edit where over 500 characters was added, you are very likely someone who doesn't help to expand the encyclopedia. It's almost a 100% correct indication. Every time I look at someone's contribs who I suspect of being such, it always is the case. Almost always, it's not just the first page of contribs, it just goes on and on like that. Very sad. Wikipedia needs people who expand.

No crossbench was courted - CAKE WAS SERVED!!!

I've been very amused with the various 2016 election outcomes across the country. SA results, wow... the lowest Liberal Party of Australia seat result in SA history (just 36% of seats), and the lowest SA 2PP result in government since Menzies :O 67% in Kingston?!?! Port Adelaide at the bottom of the pendulum, not far off Kingston, with 70%?!?! Double digit margins in Makin and Wakefield?! Mayo a two-party marginal for the first time?! Highest primary vote in the state goes to Labor in Kingston! So much for the Gillard-born-in-Adelaide 2010 election theory! Labor swept Tasmania? Eden-Monaro? Lindsay? Herbert? Et al? Based on both any or all of those, anyone would think Labor won the election! Oh the lulz! Better than any fiction!! I can't believe how psephologically fascinating and interesting the election has been! The poor Libs will carry all the expectations of a majority government but with all the unknowns of a one-seat minority government, not to mention another record 20 member Senate crossbench with most elected for just one term. All very ripe next time for a perfectly timed L/NP Coalition government decimation! But that's next time. The 2016 election was the best loss ever for Labor's True Believers! Best. Loss. Ever.

South Australian state election, 2018#2016 draft redistribution !

Also for SA, Next Australian federal election#Redistributions !

Although the state-wide two-party vote (2PP) at the 2014 South Australian state election was 47.0% Labor v 53.0% Liberal, the Adelaide metropolitan area containing over 75% of South Australia's population and 72% of seats (34 of 47) recorded a 2PP of 51.5% Labor v 48.5% Liberal.

Metropolitan 2PP correctly calculated by adding raw metro 2PP vote numbers from the 34 metro seats, both Labor and Liberal, then dividing Labor's raw metro 2PP vote from the total, which revealed a Labor metropolitan 2PP of 51.54%. Obtained raw metro 2PP vote numbers from ECSA 2014 election statistics, ECSA 2014 Heysen election and ABC 2014 Fisher by-election.

Gotta say though, Steven Marshall complains about it a lot, but like the rest of his mob, is yet to come up with a set of electoral boundaries of their own! If the current and proposed boundaries are so bad, where are their attempts?! Or is it just a case of sour lemons. Oh, I forgot... 2036!

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