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Hi all! I'm new here, poking around, having fun, BEING BOLD ... lol. Umm ....

I'm currently an undergrad at St. John's University in Minnesota, majoring in Computer Science, with minors in Mathematics and Theology.

I'm from a small-town in northern Minnesota, where my parents own a resort, so I know all about tourism and stuff like that, too. My main hobby, however, lies in the realm of video games, specifically computer games. I dabble in photography, graphic design, and digital art -- specifically pixel art (I can't BELIEVE there's no entry on that!!!).

Err ... I'm really kinda boring, if you think about it long enough. Or don't, same difference. Umm ... I like arguing for the sake of arguing, and never hesitate to express my opinion, no matter who's "toes I step on" with regards to being "PC" ... that doesn't mean I'll intentionally cause a ruckus, but I'm not afraid to say exactly what I think.


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06:56 May 2, 2003 College of Saint Benedict / Saint John's University

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NOW User:Timmyd ;)

06:24 Apr 30, 2003 Video game

21:29 Apr 29, 2003 The Crystal Method

19:17 Apr 29, 2003 Computing

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