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No. Title Director Writer Original air date
1 "The World of Blood Legacy"
"Kechimyaku no Sekai" (血脈のセカイ) 
Satoshi Kadowaki[1] Masayuki Miyaji[1] April 4, 2015[2]
An epidemic of unknown origin strikes mankind, killing all adults and rendering the youngsters at the mercy of the vampire kind. Four years later, Yūichirō Hyakuya and his friends make a daring attempt to escape from the vampires, unaware that a mortal trap awaits them. 
2 "Humanity After the Fall"
"Hametsu-go no Ningen" (破滅後のニンゲン) 
Masashi Koizuka[3] Masayuki Miyaji[3] April 11, 2015[4]
Four years after escaping, Yūichirō is part of the Japanese Army and is eager to become a member of their special vampire hunting force, the Moon Demon Company, but his reckless behavior leads him to be suspended, until a vampire attacks the local school prompting him to face the enemy against orders. 
3 "The Demon in Your Heart"
"Kokoro ni Sumu Oni" (心に棲むオニ) 
Satoshi Kadowaki[5] Tomokazu Tokoro[5] April 18, 2015[6]
Yūichirō learns that one of his schoolmates was possessed by a demon and decides to confront him not only in order to save him but to make a contract with the demon and obtain his power. However, he soon learns that subduing the demon will not be such an easy feat. 
4 "Vampire Mikaela"
"Kyūketsuki Mikaera" (吸血鬼ミカエラ) 
Satoshi Kadowaki[7] Tomokazu Tokoro[7] April 25, 2015[8]
Instead of dying with the rest of his friends, Yūichirō's best friend Mikaela was transformed into a vampire by Krul Tepes, the queen of the vampires and now works as her aid. Meanwhile, Yūichirō finally begins his training to become a member of the Moon Demon Company. 
5 "Black Demons Contract"
"Kuro-oni tono Keiyaku" (黒鬼とのケイヤク) 
Shuhei Matsushita[9] Minoru Ohara, Norifumi Jou, Kou Yoshinari[9] May 2, 2015[10]
Wary of the Human Army's rise to power, Krul calls the vampires to war against them, while Yūichirō and his friends are finally selected to attempt to claim a demon weapon for themselves, despite knowing the risks. 
6 "New Family"
"Atarashii kazoku" (新しいカゾク) 
Kei Anjiki[11] Masashi Koizuka[11] May 9, 2015[12]
After passing the final test, Yūichirō and his classmate Shihō Kimizuki obtain their own Demon Weapons, but when Yūichirō's friend Yoichi Saotome ends up possessed by his weapon, the duo must find a way to bring him back to his senses without killing him. 
7 "Mitsuba's Team"
"Mitsuba no Chīmu" (三葉のチーム) 
Tetsuya Wakano[13] Masayuki Miyaji[13] May 16, 2015[14]
Yūichirō and his friends introduced to a new member, Mitsuba Sangū, and are then dispatched for his first mission as part of the Moon Demon Company, but when they spot a little girl in distress, Yūichirō ignores orders and rushes to rescue her, despite being warned that he is just being lured into a trap. 
8 "First Extermination"
"Senmetsu no Hajimari" (殲滅のハジマリ) 
Masaki Utsunomiya[15] Tetsuo Hirakawa[15] May 23, 2015[16]
After successfully clearing a vampire nest and rescuing the humans held captive, Yūichirō's party sets for the human base in Shinjuku, unaware that the vampires are attacking there. Upon arriving, they come across one of the vampire nobles, and find themselves at mercy of his overwhelming power. 
9 "Vampire Attack"
"Shūgeki no Vanpaiya" (襲撃のヴァンパイア) 
Takeshi Ninomiya[17] Satoshi Iwatakiref name="episodenine"/> May 30, 2015[18]
Yūichirō and his companions arrive at Shinjuku to help repel the vampire offensive, while Guren's party spots Mikaela and Ferid, and decides to face them. 
10 "Results of the Choice"
"Sentaku no Kekka" (選択のケッカ) 
Takeshi Ninomiya[19] Fumie Muroi, Masashi Koizuka[19] June 6, 2015[20]
Yūichirō and Shinoa get separated from the others and after taking a wounded soldier to be treated, they regroup to assist Guren's party. In the occasion, Yūichirō and Mikaela finally meet again. 
11 "Reunion of Childhood Friends"
"Osananajimi no Saikai" (幼馴染のサイカイ) 
Kunihiro Mori[21] Masayuki Miyaji[21] June 13, 2015[22]
Mikaela attempts to escape, taking Yūichirō with him. However, seeing his friends at the mercy of the vampires, Yūichirō goes out of control when a dreadful power emerges from him, threatening allies and foes alike. Shinoa manages to stop him but he falls unconscious. 
12 "Everyone is a Sinner"
"Min'na Tsumibito" (みんなツミビト) 
Toshikazu Yoshizawa[23] Daisuke Tokudo, Norifumi Jou, Nobuyoshi Nagayama[23] June 20, 2015[24]
Yu has been in a coma for five days when Shinoa confronts Guren about special drugs in Yu's pill. He tells her to go and wait for Yu to wake up if she really cares for him. During the seventh day of his coma, Yu wakes up. He finds out that Mika retreated with the other vampires. Once all his friends have gathered he thanks them and apologizes to them. At the end of the episode both Yu and Mika promise themselves they will save the other. 

Second cour[edit]

The second part of the anime television series which was renamed as Seraph of The End: Battle in Nagoya (名古屋決戦編, Nagoya Kessen-hen) is scheduled to air on October 10, 2015.[25] It was announced that the opening will be "Two souls -towards the truth-" by fripSide and Nagi Yanagi's "Orarion" (オラリオン) as the ending song.[26]

No. Title Director Writer Original air date
0 "The Beginning of the End"   October 3, 2015
The episode is a collection of flashbacks retelling the events that took place during the first season. 
1 "Human World"
"Ningen no Sekai" (人間のセカイ) 
Satoshi Kadowaki[27] Masayuki Miyaji[27] October 10, 2015[28]
Shinoa spars against Guren before visiting Yu in the library. She tells him about turning humans into vampires. Then, Kureto Hiragi summons Yu to ask him about a vampire spy while torturing Kimizuki and Yoichi to make him tell the truth. Afterward, Yu asks Guren about it and asks if Mika would also be useful to him. In Sanguinem, Mika starves for blood and Ferid recommends halting his growth there. A child offers his blood to Ferid, and Ferid tempts Mika to drink the boy's blood but Mika refuses. Ferid then invites Mika to the Progenitor Council meeting. 
2 "Complicated Connections"
"Kōsakusuru Kankei" (交錯するカンケイ) 
Tetsuo Hirakawa[29] Tetsuo Hirakawa[29] October 17, 2015
Yoichi eliminates five horsemen with one attack, and Yu begins the next step of his training. Yu battles against Asuramaru in his mind and defeats Asuramaru by asking to become friends. At the Progenitor Council meeting, Ferid discusses the battle at Shinjuku and has Mika present a video showing Yu's transformation. Krul strikes at Ferid and intentionally misses. Ferid explains that she cannot kill him. Kimizuki struggles in battle against Kiseki-o and faces memories where he was told to kill his sister. He breaks free and is victorious by remembering Yu's feelings for Mika, who are family even though they are not related by blood. Kimizuki and Yu show off their new techniques, and Shinoa and Mitsuba learn the files on the three boys have been erased. 
3 "The Demon Army's Ambition"
"Teiki Gun no Yabou" (帝鬼軍のヤボウ) 
Fumihiro Ueno[30] Masayuki Miyaji[30] October 24, 2015
The child who contacted Ferid Bathory in the previous episode sends a letter via messenger pigeon to Aoi Sangu, who passes it on to Kureto. Shinoa Squad meets, and Kureto Hiragi and Guren Ichinose do the same. Kureto announces his plan to attack and wipe out ten noble vampires in Nagoya before the vampires bring their main army down on Japan in one month. Shinoa reveals that Yu tried to kill her during the battle in Shinjuku, and the squad considers whether to keep following Guren or not. Eventually, they decide to follow him and make their policy to protect their family. Meanwhile, Mika attacks Krul for her blood. Once he calms down, she reveals her plans to him and gives him a secret mission. Shinoa briefs Guren on her squad's success in training, and he gives her new orders. Mika meets with other vampires to head to Nagoya, and Kureto orders potentially lethal experimentation on Mirai Kimizuki. 
4 (月鬼のゴウレイ)  October 31, 2015
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