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Crystal Clear action run.svg This is an essay explaining the actions of my bot; if there is a problem with the bot, or it is tagging pages inappropriately, please revert it and tell me ASAP!

Project banner Tagging and Assessing articles are an important part of the workload of most, if not all WikiProjects. Howover it is tedious to keep track of newer articles that come under the scope of the the project regularly and add the project banner manually. Hence we at Wikiproject India and its workgroups decided to use this bot for the automatic tagging of the relevant articles. The bot automatically adds the project banner {{WP India}} and workgroup parameters (like |kerala=yes|kerala-importance=yes ) ( if not already present) to the articles in Category:India and hundreds of its subcategories. Please understand that these are done in good faith. Should you find any article wrongly tagged / or any kind of weird behaviour from the bot , Kindly let me know here. If needed, you may remove the wrongly added tag or an inappropriate Category from the article.