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Test links[edit]


Some observations on the page:

  • Wikipedia result don't appear on Google just because "real" page rank. It seems Google has some code that makes any remote entry of Wikipedia on your search subject appear first, then YouTube videos... company which it owns. It's a bit of a scam, really, giving Wikipedia greater notoriety than even its pagerank would deserve.
  • Having lots of articles on Zachary Zagrobelny articles would bring lots of Zacharies, lots of his friends to your wiki, and maybe some would stick as editors.
  • Also, articles on obscure Zacharies would still bring Google hits from more obscure search results on Google. Also, it would be original content, which would be better than a copy of Wikipedia which Google will probably dismiss immediately.
  • An also reason for having original content is sharing the articles on Digg, Facebook and other social sites, and if they are unique to this wiki, they'll be easier to attract users here. Of course, it's hard to actually have people know and like your wiki's work and pass it along. That's one of the harder parts.
  • I haven't really considered the habits of editors, there are good points there.
  • On addictiveness, xkcd has some issues about it. If you want to see the workings of an addictive site, I suggest you look around TV Tropes, most of its contributors vouch for that. See a specific page on that issue.
  • I think it's hard to have massive imports from Wikipedia without adequate servers or bots to import them quickly. And once you do, you're faced with a problem: do you reimport everything 6 months-a year later - when the old content has actually become original content to big sites like Google, and when your editors have edited some of those articles, edits that may be lost - or do you leave them as they are and risk stagnation?
Anime Addict 12:16, 23 June 2010 (GMT)
I thought Google swore up and down that its search results are untampered with? Maybe those days are in the past.
As for the other stuff, I'm not sure we're on the same page. There is capability to download everything Wikipedia has (with the possible exception of images), and probably soon there will be capability to get new revisions in real time via a Jabber feed. That's my next project, actually. A bot (probably peachy-based) will have to take care of making those edits. (The mirrored pages are actually worse than useless unless they're kept up to date on a second-to-second basis.) Mirrored Wikipedia pages will be read-only to all editors except that one bot that is in charge of updating them. However, it will be possible to add front and back matter using mw:Extension:FrontBackMatterForcedWikilinks. Thus, if you want to add more "see also" links, or more categories, to a mirrored Wikipedia page, you can, and that back matter won't get lost when the page is updated.
That's the "mirror" side of the "mirror-supplement" concept; the other side is the "supplement" part, i.e. original articles, covering topics that aren't covered on Wikipedia. Think of it as a merger of Wikipedia and Wikinfo, with each side having total editorial authority (with the exception of front and back matter, as mentioned above) over the pages within its purview, yet with the technical aspects (e.g. watchlists, recent changes, wikilinks, etc.) integrated. That's basically what this is. Tisane 21:25, 23 June 2010 (GMT)

Liz's remark[edit]

Oh, about the "fake it till you make it" I think all I've mastered is that you always have to fake it. And that is a hard pill to swallow. So I focus on trying to think about human nature like a math problem and make calculated decisions with my emotions set aside. That way I know I am doing what will warrant greatest suceess for me, but holding onto my standards not to harm others in the process. But, not harming others causes limitations and slow hard work forever to get by. But at least I'll die happy with myself and my soul.

ooowh the fountainhead is a tricky subject. I don't think I finished the book, but I remember it well. I thought the characters were very strong. They had to battle with their duality as well. The potential to abuse each other for personal gain is massive, but fruitless when it comes to the soul. I don't want to be like the characters in the Fountainhead, but I think it is important to be cunning.

You have to be, becasue people are always going to try to f with your head. It can be infuriating, and the more success you have, the more creative you are, the more people try to sabotage you. But, I know it is coming, so when I see others become reactive, Instead of reacting to them and losing my power, I just silently observe it as a sign of sucess.

Yes, they should be the ones who bend. But for some reason, that's part of the big math problem. Why doesn't it work the way it should. Maybe you can release your emotions and find a back door to the problem. The dumber the person, the harder it is to make them yeild.

Recursive deletion[edit]

rm -rf `find . -type d -name .svn`