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Welcome to my page. You can leave me a message.
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My name is Tito Dutta. I am an administrator on this Wikipedia. I live in Kolkata. I've been editing Wikipedia regularly since 2011. Before that I was mainly using anonymously. I have a doppleganger account User:Tito Dutta (the userpage redirects to this page).

I have 102 DYK credits. You may see my edit count and list of created articles

Some of my best contributions to Wikipedia—

I have participated in three real-life events of Wikipedia/Wikimedia, including Wikimedia India Conference 2014.

Contact me[edit]

The best option to contact me is my Wikipedia talk page. If you are a regular editor here, please use this option.


You may send me email too clicking here (you need to sign in to your Wikipedia account to use this option. But use this option if it is really personal or important. Don't send messages like "Block him", "Block her", "Support here", "Oppose there", "Review this nomination" etc.)