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Noia 64 apps kchart.png Attention users: We need your help to improve this tool. We're particularly looking for someone with Java knowledge or ideas for a good GUI. Feel free to make a feature request.
Flcelloguy's Tool
Flcelloguy's Tool UI.PNG
Screenshot of Flcelloguy's Tool, while running on Windows XP.
Developer(s)WikiProject edit counters
Stable release
5.20 / 2008-05-30
Operating systemPlatform independent
TypeWikipedia edit counter

This is an extension of Flcelloguy's Tool which processes the HTML from a contribs file and parses it into a file readable by the tool. It is not finished, but the core is done, so I'm publishing it as v1.00.

Titoxd(?!? - did you read this?) 04:21, 8 December 2005 (UTC)

Executing the tool requires the Java Development Kit (JDK) for Java 5.0 (aka 1.5.0).


  • Minimal requirements: Java Development Kit (JDK) from Sun Microsystems. This comes with a Java compiler (javac.exe) that can be executed from the command line, and the program can be executed using java.exe.
  • With IDE: You must have a Java IDE and JDK (freeware available; see below). Thus, you must make two downloads - one from Sun Microsystems, which developed Java, and another from a Java run-time development program. We recommend JCreator, BlueJ, or Eclipse.
  • Please see the help page for more information.

Quick-start directions[edit]

  1. Download and install Java version 5 (see links below)
  2. Download the JAR from SourceForge or M1ss1ontomars2k4's mirror. Double-click it to run it.
    • If this does not work:
    1. Check the java version (5.0, aka 1.5.0).
    2. Save the following text as a batch file ("something.bat") in the same folder and run it:
java -jar "Flcelloguy's Tool.jar"



It works on Mac OS X, too.

Current Capabilities[edit]

  • Green check.png Count the number of edits
  • Green check.png Break down count by project namespace
  • Green check.png Count percentage and number of "minor" flag usage
  • Green check.png Edit summary statistics
  • Green check.png "Kill bit" functionality for turning off tool remotely when server load requires it
  • Green check.png Many many ways to graph contributions
  • Green check.png User permissions option (sysop, bureaucrat, etc.)
  • Green check.png Cross-platform

Under development[edit]

  • Add more detailed statistics with the parsing of timestamps, etc. available in Titoxd's code
  • Add more buttons to UI, make more user friendly
  • Output to txt file for debugging (already done) and also to make copying results to the project easier
  • Add graphical progress bar (like this?)

Future developments (see also Feature requests)[edit]

  • Merge the two pages (this page and User:Titoxd/Flcelloguy's Tool, perhaps under a WP:TOOLS subfile; rename to reflect that it's not "my" tool, but both my and Titoxd's tool (Flcelloguy)
  • Saving contributions in StatBundle to a local file, perhaps a CSV or similar file?

Known bugs and limitations[edit]

  • User UI is not completely user-friendly, needs improvements and suggestions
  • Need to create/update documentation to reflect move to WikiProject (Flcelloguy)
  • Green check.png Exceptions not handled sometimes, need to process correctly
  • Green check.png The application appears to hang while it is downloading contribs, but it is not - add an indeterminate progress bar to tell the user to keep waiting (fixed in CVS)
  • Green check.png Attempt to make counting less crude by using a query (Outside scope - use Interiot's Tool)
    Maybe not, if it can use the API. (Titoxd)


  • v1.00: Original version, parses contribs to HTML file
  • v1.01: Revision, split into a separate class, removed print command to system buffer (slowing down tool, only used for debugging)
  • v2.00: begun processing the raw HTML file, parsed date/time stamp and page name into a special "Contrib" class. Minor edits, edit summaries and most recent edits still to be implemented.
  • v2.10: Minor edits implemented, some code for edit summaries created (not operational yet).
  • v2.15: Contrib class parses namespaces.
  • v3.00: Merged my code with Flcelloguy's code.
  • v3.10: Removed 5,000-edit limit (the program now allows input from multiple sources) and added a basic Graphical user interface.
  • v3.20: Enhanced the GUI, output now sent to a window, not to console.
  • v3.30: Enabling parsing of edit summaries and automatic section-edit summaries.
  • v3.31: Bug fix in edit summary parsing: now processes one-word edit summaries correctly
  • v3.32: Minor bug fix.
  • v3.40: Major code commit (fixed edit summary parsing bug), added new function to to analyze edit summaries specifically.
  • v4.00: Major release, added semi-automatic parsing capabilities, enhanced user interface, more classes and fixed unhandled exceptions.


Please see the help page for help.


For the current version (v5.00), please use the JAR (see instructions above) if possible, or get the code below. Any further enhancements to the tool will be available at the Java Sandbox CVS at the Sourceforge project page before being copied here.