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About me

भारतीय विकिपीडियन
Indian Wikipedian


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भारत गणराज्य
Republic of India

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मी माझ्या योगदानाने मराठी भाषा विकिपीडियाला समर्थन करतो.

I support the Marathi language Wikipedia with my contributions.

Tiven Gonsalves

My first photo on Wikipedia[edit]

Truly excited to use Wikipedia.. I have been visiting shrine basilica vailankanni for last 16 years and truly appreciate the preparation of mother Mary's birthday

My pic is a rare click view of shrine basilica vailankanni

This image is a rare click of the feast day of our lady of health vailankanni. This image has a rare angle shot which shows the flag behind. The photography is done by Tiven gonsalves
  • I belong to the EAST INDIAN community of Mumbai India for more info of my community look forward to East indians
  • I contribute to Marathi wikipedia as well as Hindi wikipedia
  • I am a beta tester of Instagram Whatsapp and google maps

My contribution on english wikipedia[edit]

  1. Michael High School, Kurla
  2. Tu Maza Jeev
  3. East Indian language
  4. Guru Nanak College (GTB nagar) Mumbai
  5. Holy Trinity Church, Powai
  6. Our Lady of Fatima Church, kirol
  7. Fatima High School, Vidyavihar

Currently working on[edit]

  1. Mother Teresa
  2. Tu Maza Jeev
  3. East Indians
  4. /CSD log
  5. /PROD log