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Friday, August 18, 2017

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Hi, I am Tjss, a user in Seattle. I focus on articles related to politics, foreign policy, international law, and the United Nations. I was previously quite active with the Harry Potter wikiproject. I currently attend high school. I will be revamping this page in the coming weeks in preparation for my campaign to be an administrator.


I have made over 800 edits on the English wikipedia, including over 540 in the Main namespace. While I am by far most active on the English Wikipedia, I have contributed an item to WikiSource (not under my current user name, though) and Wikiversity. My edits to Wikipedia are diverse and extensive, and have included everything from the creation of new pages and major rewrites, to hundreds of basic copy-edits in many subject areas. I recently started contributing to la Wikipedia en Español (see userbox at right).

New pages[edit]

Major rewrites[edit]

Politics and foreign policy
This is the subject I am most active with today outside of minor copy-edits to whatever page I happen to be reading.

Harry Potter
During the Summer of 2005, I was quite active with the Harry Potter WikiProject. I edited dozens of articles. These are some examples of my more major contributions:


  • Toraja (September 2006) - This was mostly copy-editing, not content revisions
  • Sweatshop (January 2007)

New images[edit]

Note Several policies/templates have changed since some of these pictures have been uploaded. Because understanding copyright policy is a major responsibility of any administrator, I have sorted them by the rationale I used to upload them in the first place, although the guidelines have been subject to change, as many editors know.


  • Image:Irene_stewart.jpg
  • Image:EustonManifesto.gif
  • Image:WSHS_entrance.jpg
  • Image:Un_logo.jpg
  • Image:Steve bays.jpg
  • Image:Rennard.jpg

Screen shots

  • Image:HPSShack.jpg
  • Image:Leejordan.jpg
  • Image:Fang.jpg
  • Image:Pomfrey.jpg
  • Image:MadameHooch.jpg
  • Image:Goyle.jpg
  • Image:Crabbe.jpg
  • Image:HagridKnockturn.jpg
  • Image:Cast-flint.jpg

Public domain

  • Image:Woodrow wilson.jpg
  • Image:Politicalsigns.jpg

Other contributions[edit]

Part of being an administration, of course, is work on various administrative projects. I have been reviewing good articles since September 2006.


Flag of Europe.svg This user is a member of WikiProject European Union.

I am not a regular participant in these projects, but I either used to be or I stop by occasionally.

To-do list[edit]

Create a WikiProject Hannah Arendt to:

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