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Timothy Trower[edit]

Tjtrower is the user name for Timothy Trower, a resident of Springfield, Missouri. Timothy is a letterpressman xxby trade and the owner and operator of a letterpress trade shop. A long-time letterpressman, Timothy has many years of experience running Linotypes, Ludlows and various makes and models of platen letterpresses.

In addition to his interest in letterpress printing, Timothy is also a historian of many aspects of letterpress printing, typecasting and printing history in general. He actively uses this knowledge and background to authenticate or prove as fraudulent printed items from the White Star Line as well as other steam ship lines of the past.

Timothy also has a long standing interest in the steam ship Titanic with three decades of active interest and research into the ship. Other fields of interest are the White Star Line and other English steam ship companies. In addition to writing book reviews for the Titanic Commutator, the house organ of the Titanic Historical Society, he is also a consultant for Cedar Bay Entertainment, owners and operators of the world's largest Titanic Museum Attractions located in Branson, Missouri and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Timothy's other major interest is that of the Hotels Statler Company, the firm founded by E. M. Statler. His research in this field has taken him across the country, and he maintains an extensive research library on this company.

Another long-term interest has been Timothy's involvement in the Royal Rangers ministry of the Assemblies of God. From participating as a boy at age seven to later becoming a commander at age 18, Timothy has taught and participated in a wide variety of areas of the Rangers ministry.

Timothy is also a writer, with experience in non-fiction topics ranging from the Titanic for a scholarly journal to writing about such diverse topics as recycling and event patch collecting for a youth organization's journal. In addition to the above, he writes extensively on and about election issues for the Republican Party.

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