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    I run a weblog about wikipedia. If you want me to write about a particular article/topic/concept/whatever, leave a note, or comment on a weblog post.

    NGC 6530
    Photograph credit: ESA / Hubble / NASA / O. De Marco


    Various logos and graphics for wikipedia/wikimedia/wikimania.


    My name's Ben Yates; I'm a technical writer, student, and keyboardist from Ann Arbor.


    So. I've been here since late 2003; I started the wikipedia articles Metrosexual and Hell, Michigan (and the wikibooks summary of Understanding Comics). Most of my stuff is elsewhere, though.


    How to appreciate jazz without really trying.
    Sk8er Boi.
    Understanding Comics.
    File sharing is theft (read all the way through before you send me angry emails).
    How to build a computer out of black holes.
    Why is the sky blue?.
    Does the Universe have granularity?.
    You Know My Name (Look Up the Number).


    Now I ask you, is that any way for a cosmic body to Disintegrate?.
    Schrodinger killed his cat.
    On the Division of Labor.
    The Sticker Underground .
    Private Eye.

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