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Single Serving Sites is the Internet Phenomenon of creating websites with a dedicated domain name, with only one page, that do one thing only.

While the term was not coined until 2008, when popular blogger Jason Kottke. [1] addressed the concept on his website, Single Serving Sites have a rich internet history.

One of the most popular early Single Serving Sites was The Hamster Dance, a site with a simply animated gif of a dancing hamster set to music. This phenomenon is a more recent variation of the single page concept engines, made popular by sites such as

Reductions in the cost of domain names, paired with the increase in free or very inexpensive web hosting services, have provided a favourable environment for the spread of Single Serving Sites.

Single Serving Sites fall into several categories:

Answering a Question

Sites such as Is It Christmas? or Am I Awesome strive to answer a simply question.

Status Updates

Sites such as Abe Vigoda Status or What Color is the Empire State Building? provide status updates on people, places, or sites.

Soliciting Answers

Sites such as Are you tired? or Are you really sad? solicit answers to important questions.

Advice and Instruction

Sites such as Just Fucking Google It and Definitely provide helpful advice or instruction to easily solved problems.

Works of Art

Sites such as I Want To Feel and The Life of One Man as Found in the Garbage provide single servings of artistic expression or an outlet for new media publication.

Random Displays

Some single serving sites are different each time you refresh the page. Examples include Barack Obama is Your New Bicycle and Sometimes Red, Sometimes Blue.


Misanthrope Book

In-Jokes and Pop Culture References


A list of other examples can be found at the site, which is itself a single serving site.

Some examples include:


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