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I am a rationalist atheist with a strong bent towards logical positivism. I am a firm believer in skepticism, materialism, the scientific method and above all else The Principle of Parsimony. I am politically liberal from the perspective of the United states.

I have recently been involved in the creation of a new "wiki." It is an attempt to create collaborative content from a rationalist, scientific perspective. It is not in "competition" with wikipedia, but rather something we hope will some day be complimentary. The site is called RationalWiki and the site can be found at

I am fascinated by those people who have the complete opposite view on reality and the world. I have an unhealthy obsession with reading, analyzing and debating issues of paranormal, pseudoscience, origins, and the right-wing political mind set. Perhaps thats why most of my edits so far have been focused on that which exhibits this phenomenon.