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Red-backed Toadlet

I'm Grant, from Sydney, Australia. I am a Canadian-Australian and make regular trips back to Canada from Australia.

I have a strong intrest in frogs and know quite a lot about Australian frogs. As a member of the Frog and Tadpole Study Group (FATS) I would like to invite anyone who has an intrest in frogs or herpetology in general to join-just click on the link. Quite a few of my photos were taken on FATS frogging trips.

My Photos[edit]

One of my frog photos.

I have uploaded quite a few photos to wikipedia. The majority of my photos are of frogs, however I have also uploaded a few reptile photos as well as river/habitat photos. The Growling Grass Frog (pictured) was photographed by me in Tasmania, it is an endangered species occuring in parts of south-eastern Australia. To see a full list of all my uploaded photos including all my frog photos click here.

My Contributions[edit]

To this date I have created 45 articles on wikipedia. Almost all of these articles have been frog species profiles. Some articles that I have created include the Booroolong Frog, Red-crowned Toadlet and Philoria. Some articles that I have contributed to significantly include Green and Golden Bell Frog, Giant Burrowing Frog and Eastern Banjo Frog. To see a full list of all the articles I have created click here.

My Distribution Maps[edit]

One of my distirbution maps.

I have made a lot of distribution maps for frog aticles on wikipeida. Some of my maps include Maud Island Frog (pictured), Green and Golden Bell Frog, Hylidae and Eastern Banjo Frog. To see a full list of all the distribution maps I have made click here (please note there is nothing on this page the list is coming soon...).


There is much To-do on wikipedia. Some things that I plan to do in the near future include:

  • Expand section on Cicadas
  • Write more frog atricles
  • Upload more photos and write articles on a variety of Australia related topics
  • Add to the Amphibians and Reptiles section of Fauna of Canada

Also I will try to get photos of frogs from around Sydney which aren't yet represented by a photo in atricles, for example the Green Thighed Frog.

For a full and more detailed list of my To-do's see here (please note there is nothing on this page the list is coming soon...).

Scientific and Frog Survey Work[edit]

I have been involved with a fair bit of survey work on frogs some includes surveying threatend species (such as the Green and Golden Bell Frog) or surveying areas that could potentially have threatened species. I am also currently involved in a project that aims to seek out genetic differences in Wallum Frogs along the New South Wales and Queensland coasts. I have this section on may page not to boast about how much work I do on frogs, but to show (hopefully) that I am a credible refrence for writing frog atricles. To see a full list of my Scientific and Frog Survey Work click here.


Amphibian Barnstar I award you the Unofficial Amphibian Barnstar for all your great photography, articles and distribution maps for frogs of the world, and especially Australia. Keep up the great work!

--liquidGhoul 11:41, 7 September 2006 (UTC)