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Hello, and welcome to my user page.

About me[edit]

My name is Tobias Kierk. This page shows some of my pictures.

Photographic Gear[edit]

Pictures uploaded (With Canon EOS 7D)[edit]

Great belt fixed link panorama.jpg
A panoramic picture of the East Bridge of the Great Belt Bridge fixed link
Ollie skateboarding trick.jpg
Ollie (skateboarding trick)
My younger brother showing the technique behind the Ollie
Leucanthemum vulgare close up.jpg
Close up of a Leucanthemum Vulgare
Danish bumblebee on lavendar.jpg
Bumblebee on Lavendar
Close up of a bumblebee on a stem of lavendar
Walnut makro white background.jpg
Macro shot of a Walnut
Close up of the seed of a walnut
Lars Bak - 2012 - giro d'italia.jpg
Lars Bak
Lars Bak in a breakaway at the 2012 Giro d'Italia in Horsens, Denmark
Panorama from Sønderborg Denmark.jpg
86 megapixel panorama picture of the city of Sønderborg taken from Sønderborg Castle, Denmark

Pictures uploaded (With Canon Ixus 850IS)[edit]

From January 22nd to April 26th 2007 i was on a trip around the world along with my girlfriend. We took a lot of pretty decent pictures, of which I've uploaded some to Wikipedia for use in articles. This is what I've uploaded so far:

Mercedes-benz SLR parked on rodeo drive.JPG Rolls royce engine on boeing 757-300.JPG Nacula beach oarsman.JPG Nacula church.JPG
Mercedes-Benz SLR Rolls-Royce_RB211-535E4B Nacula Church on Nacula
SLR parked on Rodeo Drive, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California Rolls-Royce_RB211-535E4B on an Icelandair Boeing 757-300. I really don't know why I shot this picture... A beach on the Fijian island of Nacula The local church on the island of Nacula.

Franz josef glacier panorama.jpg
Franz Josef Glacier
A panoramic view from the Franz Josef Glacier
Mount ngauruhoe.JPG
Mount Ngauruhoe aka Mount Doom
The famous volcano from Lord Of The Rings
Queenstown boat.JPG Lake tekapo.JPG Kaikoura whalewatching.JPG
Boat on Lake Wakatipu Lake Tekapo Whale Watching
A boat on Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown, New Zealand Lake Tekapo on the South Island in New Zealand A sperm whale on a whale watching tour in Kaikoura
Tasman lake panorama.jpg
Tasman Lake
A panoramic view of Tasman Lake in the Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand