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Aeroplane are a Belgium based DJ, production and remix team. Both founding members are of Italian descent. The original line up consisted of Vito De Luca and Stephan Fasano. However in Summer 2010 the band split with De Luca in control of the Aeroplane name and Fasano going by the moniker "The Magician". Of the Split De Luca had this to say

There are worse things in life! Stephen's gonna do music on his own, I'm gonna do music on my own. I’m the studio guy, he was more the DJ so when the music became more important, the more I was alone in the studio. The future of Aeroplane was this album and I wrote it and played every instrument.”[citation needed]

As well as producing their own tracks the duo have also provided remixed artists such as Sebastien Tellier, Grace Jones, and Friendly Fires.

Musical Style[edit]

Aeroplanes musical style when DJing and their own productions and remixes are categorized as Balearic beat, Cosmic and Italo Disco. Characterized by low BPM (105) with warm summer vibes.


Aeroplane are perhaps most well recognised for their remix of the Friendly Fires tune "Paris" with its heavy synth sound and Au Revoir Simone's etherial voice layered over the top. The remix finishing higher in many end of year polls than the original. Continuing from this success they went on to record a cover mount CD for April 2009's Mixmag magazine. In summer 2010 the duo were chosen to play BBC Radio 1's 500th Essential Mix.



We Cant Fly 2010


"Aeroplane"/"Caramellas" Aug 2007 "Pacific Air Race"/"Above the Clouds" Dec 2007 Aeroplane ft Kathy Diamond "Whispers" May 2008 "We cant fly" Aug 2010 "Superstar" Sept 2010


Coyote "Too Hard" Sept 2007 Milky Globe - "Magic Wave" Oct 2007 Das Pop "Fool For Love" Jan 2008 Cobra Dukes "Airtight" Jan 2008 Lullabies in the Dark "Song for Marie and Elise" March 2008 Low Motion Disco "Love Love Love" Allez Allez "Allez Allez" May 2008 Shortwave Set "Now till 69" Aug 2008 David Rabato "Circuit" Oct 2008 Friendly Fires ft Au Revoir Simone "Paris" Nov 2008 Grace Jones "Williams Blood" Dec 2008 Sebastien Tellier "Kilometer" (Aeroplane Italo 84 Remix) Mar 2009 Au Revoir Simone "Another Likely Story" Oct 2009 Robbie Williams "Boddies" Nov 2009 Lindstrom and Christobelle "Baby I can't Stop" Nov 2009 Doves "Brazil" Dec 2009