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I am no longer an active editor on wikipedia, but I check my talk page from time to time. Feel free to get in touch with me there. Kit O'Connell (Todfox: user / talk / contribs) 12:57, 15 January 2008 (UTC)
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The Eeyore of Liberty, from Eeyore's Birthday Party

Hello, my name is Kit O'Connell. I have been editting semi-regularly on wikipedia since July 16, 2005. In real life I am a bookseller and writer. I write book reviews for The SF Site, am an avid Livejournaller, and I am a member of my local Burning Man community in Austin, Texas, home of Burning Flipside. I enjoy playing roleplaying games especially Mage: the Ascension (and I'm hoping to run Nobilis soon).

— Wikipedian —
Name Kit O'Connell
Born April 29, 1978
New Haven, Connecticut
Current location Austin, Texas
Contact info
Email vulpine at pobox dot com

I recently wrote Eeyore's Birthday Party both because I love this Austin event and as my second major contribution to Wikipedia:WikiProject Psychedelics, Dissociatives and Deliriants. I also donated the Commons photos which I added to the article, one of which is now displayed on this page.

I plan to continue expanding Joseph Ransohoff (my grandfather); This is my current active project. You can check out this temporary page to see some more details I haven't brought over to the main article. Because of my work on this article, my "lost" Uncle Jake (his son by his second wife) was able to get in touch with me!

I am a member of the WikiProject on Psychedelics, Dissociatives and Delirients.

In order to improve articles in Category:Burning Man I created a collection of sources on the event at User:Todfox/Burning Man/Sources.

I created Template:User PGP which allows users on his site to add their PGP or GPG key to their user page or other pages in their user space. Eventually it would be nice if it supported offsite PGP keys, but for now it assumes a page within your userspace. I would like feedback on this template!

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See Commons:Category:Photos by Todfox



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