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Here is a collection of sources which can be integrated into articles about Burning Man or the subculture in general. Please add them to the appropriate category below, or make a new category if there is not an appropriate one. Please only add links to this page. If you wish to discuss a source or its usefulness in Bman articles, please use User talk:Todfox/Burning Man/Sources instead of this page.

Official Sources[edit]

Links from official BMorg info

What is burning man
First years in the desert
Timeline of Event
10 Principles of the community
Preparation Survival guides, etc.

Links from US Bureau of Land Management - Winnemucca, NV Field Office

Burning Man 5 Year Permit Approved
June 2006 Press Release

Journalistic Sources[edit]

Newspapers, magazines, news websites etc.

Burning Man defies Katrina? from
Article on academic research at the Man
2005 Decompression
Burning Man mourns the Big Easy
Interview with Larry Harvey
2003 Coverage including death of Katharine Lampman
Increased police presence in 2000 event for which this year's event is somewhat infamous
1998 theme coverage
Burning Man intimacy gone in 1997?
Dissatisfaction with 1997 plans, not in Black Rock
1996 coverage by Bruce Sterling
profile of Larry Harvey
profile of Chicken John
Jim Mason profile
profile of Ladybee
[1] Burning Man Goes Green
[2] Cooling Man

Academic Sources[edit]

Academic papers, somebody's thesis on Bman, etc.

Artist's Essay on Draka a famous art car
Artist's Essay on Dr. Megavolt Performances, one of the most well known performance artists at the event

Personal/Unofficial Sources[edit]

Somebody's homepage, Bman fan site/support page

Other Online Sources[edit]

Offline Sources[edit]


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  • Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock (2005). Dir. Damon Brown. Gone Off Deep Productions.
  • The Burning Man Festival (1997). Dir. Joe Winston. Owmyeye Productions.
  • Burn on the Bayou (2008) Dir. Matt Leonard. Black Rock City LLC. Documentary about burners providing Katrina relief.


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