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Hello, my screen-name is "Tohobbes", which means talk "to" or mail "to" hobbes, who is my favorite character from the classic comic series Calvin and Hobbes. I still love the series, but the name is really just a screen name which I have kept over the years, ever since I was in Junior High school. Now I am an American graduate student studying abroad.

My broader interests include philosophy, mathematics, and science. But my career and passion is computer science, specifically artificial intelligence. I also have a morbid fascination with religion. I say "morbid" in that I think religion is the greatest source of evil on the face of this earth; it is unhealthy and morally corrupt. Yet I am fascinated with how it occurs naturally in human society and am always interested in learning more about it. Incidentally, I am NOT an athiest, but an agnostic.

I hope I can contribute many interesting segments of knowledge to Wikipedia.