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Full name is Toh Seng Wee (traditional Chinese: 杜成偉; simplified Chinese: 杜成伟). Born in Malaysia on 24th April 1992.Studied at SJK(C) Yuk Chai for a year during Primary 1 and moved to SJK(C) Pei Chai located at Muar, Johor to finish his primary education. Currently studying Pre-University 2 at Muar High School.


Mother tongue is Mandarin but can also speak in Cantonese, Malay and English. Understand Hokkien but cannot speak it fluently.

Internet Social Account[edit]



Youtube: http://


The videos he made are more about his thinking and life. The content is extremely dull for outsiders but extremely creative and funny for himself. He had no subscriber for now.

The videos he made include:

1. Poor Moth (link:

2. Oreo Shopping (link:

3. The Smell of Cigarette (link:

4. Youtube Comedian Stars? (link:

5. Mice Drown (link: