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This is my page-welcome!

Thank you :)

Note: If you send me an e-mail, let me known on my talk page by posting {{You've got mail}}.


I've written a few guidelines/essays that might be helpful.


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About Me[edit]

I began editing Wikipedia in 2006 and was made into an admin a few years ago. I tend to prefer editing film and literature related topics, but I usually end up editing a fairly wide variety of topics. I'm currently attending school to earn my MLIS, so I may be sporadic with my editing. If you're wondering where I got my username from, it comes from the Ace of Base song "Tokyo Girl". (IE, I'm not Japanese.)

Conflict of interest[edit]

I am a volunteer at the Library of Virginia and will make some edits on their behalf via an alternate account, User:Tokyogirl79LVA. See that article's talk page about the various edits I will make on their behalf. (I did open the account User:Tokyogirl79LVA2 in error, but that one will not be used, and I also opened an account by the name of User:PewterCat for the sake of testing the signup process.)


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