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Toll Booth Willie, the editor formerly known as Wiki Wistah, is a mild-mannered reporter fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Way from the hinterlands of Massachusetts.


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  • Willie joined Wikipedia in 2006, though he has spent several years on Wikibreak, partly out of disillusionment with the project but mostly because of a hectic work schedule. He got better, but who knows when Wikibreak will strike again.
  • Willie has started more than 170 pages on English Wikipedia, plus about a dozen navbox templates and eight userboxes.
  • Willie believes that the point of being an editor on Wikipedia is to create an encyclopedia. Bureaucracy and conflict may at times be necessary to achieve this end but they must always be seen as secondary to research, writing and editing.
  • Willie consequently despairs at the amount of time he has spent working on his userpage, but vanity, Willie is thy name, and he enjoys talking about himself in the third person.
  • Willie's main editing interests are:


This user edits articles about Massachusetts Routes.
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  • Willie enjoys finding citations of items of local interest in the electronic databases of local (Boston-Worcester-Springfield-Pittsfield) newspapers. Have a fact from the past 30 years in Massachusetts that you need verified? Let Willie know!
  • Willie was, in fact, the original editor of the late, lamented Toll Booth Willie article. He regrets not having more verifiable sources. He also regrets gettin' outta da BOOTH!


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  • Willie wrote a proposal, once upon a time, for a standard style guide (a la WP:MOS) and notability guideline (a la WP:NOTE) for Wikipedia articles about newspapers. Give your thoughts at WP:NART.


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  • Willie has translated articles from the Spanish Wikipedia about politicians, futbol teams and newspapers. It's a project to which he may return someday. He keeps an eye out for vandalism on articles about the Spanish Civil War.
  • Willie occasionally contributes to articles of Caribbean interest. He likes it there.
  • Willie thinks the United States is #1, but Canada is definitely #1-eh.