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I am a postgraduate student in organic and supramolecular chemistry who—in the real world—has an interest in science, athletics and sign language; particularly ISL. My PhD research is in the area of mechanically interlocked molecules, such as catenanes and rotaxanes.

Here, I tend to find myself stalking project pages and making mostly gnomish edits. My 1,000th edit was particularly boring. I will watchlist anything tangentically related to chemistry, and seeing someone else's edits will often spur me into action. TAFI is a great project, one that I don't contribute to enough, and I encourage any editors looking for something to do to head that way. Despite my best efforts, I always contributed most during exam season.

Please, don't bite, don't out and don't insist on "correcting" what was never wrong in the first place. If I have done any of these, or if you have any other issues with my behaviour, please let me know. Wikipedia is not a place for bullies. We are all newbies.