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This page collects together maintenance tasks I'm engaged in that other people can help with. The intention is that I can point to it when others ask me how they can help Wikipedia with the many uncontroversial gnomish tasks.

Part of the reason I've created this is to offset the scariness of WP:BACKLOG. The idea is that if we can each find and own (although not in a overly possessive way) a little chunk of the backlog and work together to nail it, we can actually begin to make some progress on it.

Feel free to edit the page to add yourself as doing one of the tasks. If you want to discuss the tasks, please go to User talk:Tom Morris and post on there.

Olympics maintenance[edit]

Pre-requisites: you will need to install Twinkle on English Wikipedia and install HotCat on Wikimedia Commons. You can do this in the "My preferences" section under the "Gadgets" tab on the two different sites.


  1. If the article doesn't have a talk page, create it and add it to the relevant WikiProjects. You'll want to add {{WikiProject Biography|living=yes}} and the sport, so for instance {{WikiProject Athletics}}. There's also {{WikiProject Olympics}}. Put each WikiProject on a new line, then save the talk page with an edit summary of "wikiprojects".
  2. Check to make sure that the articles have sources. If they don't, use Twinkle to add a warning tag.
  3. Add photos on Commons of that athlete to the category for their country: so, an athlete from the US could have their photo (if there is more than one photo, they should have a category) added to commons:Category:2012 Summer Olympics sportspeople from the United States. Do the same for photos you find for whatever country you are going through.


  • Countries I've done: United States, Great Britain, Israel, Azerbaijain, China, Independent Olympic Athletes
  • Countries I'm in the process of doing: Netherlands
  • Countries other people have done: (none)
  • Countries other people are in the process of doing: (none)

Upcoming albums[edit]

Pre-requisites: HotCat helps. Go to "My preferences" section and under the "Gadgets" tab turn HotCat on.


  1. Go to Category:Upcoming albums.
  2. Check each album in the category, and make sure that the album has not yet come out.
  3. If the album has come out, remove it from the 'Upcoming albums' category (either manually or using HotCat).
  4. If the album page doesn't have a talk page, create it and be sure to add {{WikiProject Albums|class=future}} if the album hasn't yet come out. Omit the |class=future if it has come out.


This needs to be checked every couple of months. I'll list below the last time I did it. If you've done it since then, update this page to update that it has been done.

  • Tom last did this on 21 August 2012.


On Wikimedia Commons, make sure Category:Churchyards is empty by sorting pictures into subcategories by country.