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New Zealand Pages[edit]

Will add regular postings to DYK list - on-going...
Will add regular postings to ITN list - on-going...
  • Papatoetoe article - will take photos for main article as well as shots of schools in area.
  • Will also expand history of Papatoetoe schools articles once schools are back from holidays.
    Maybe need to do a questionaire to get up to date info?
  • Papatoetoe to do list
  • Manurewa article - Am keen to expand this as I grew up in Manurewa!
  • Need pictures of schools, Nathan Homestead and Southmall for various articles.


  • {{section-stub}}
  • {{River|Mapneeded=yes}}

Fulfilling Older Requests In Open Tasks[edit]

Priority left

Tom Webb (Status: Active) (contributions), talk)

Location Thames,_New_Zealand, Previously Auckland, New Zealand
Interests:Running an IT company, Reading, Photography, Art and watching documentaries. Also playing Tennis.
Places I edit: Wikipedia:Wikiportal/New_Zealand, New Zealand stubs + movies. I have made 756 edits to the English Wikipedia!
Karuwai at August 2005 Health Check.JPGThis user is proud to be a Kiwi.
This user is from Auckland.
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Favorite films: Star Wars,
2001: A Space Odyssey (film) and
Goodbye Pork Pie
Major work i've done: Papatoetoe, Category:Companies traded on the New Zealand Stock Exchange
User Pages: *Helping with Illustrations for articles
*Releasing my photographs under the GPL license. Have a look at my Gallery
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