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About Me[edit]

I live in Richmond, Virginia in the United States of America and I like nuclear engineering, mathematics, computers, and guns.

16. Willard Wright Hubbard (1854-1923)
8. Willard Wright Hubbard, Jr. (1886-1969)
17. Josephine Spencer Niles (1858-1952)
4. Willard Wright Hubbard III (1915-1987)
9. Helen Motley (1887-1969)
2. William James Hubbard (1941-)
5. Sara Eloise Rast (1917-1993)
1. Thomas Richard Hubbard (1965-)
3. Barbara Jean Ockun (1943-)

Willard Wright Hubbard III (1915-1987)
Uncle John
My brother Bill
My brother Jim
My brother Greg

I am a former Senior Manager of Software Development at Amazon, where I managed the development of the content selection and delivery software. I also invented and designed the behaviorial-targeted interface between Amazon third-party advertising and their adserving provider.



Spent months to years: United States France
Days to weeks: Canada United Kingdom Tunisia Poland Italy Israel Germany Greece Republic of the Philippines Spain Switzerland South Korea
Just been through: Kenya Japan Mexico

U.S. States/Canadian Provinces[edit]

Spent >4 years: New York Virginia California
1-4 years: Maryland Washington
Months: Florida Rhode Island Idaho Alabama District of Columbia
Days: Michigan Louisiana Missouri Ohio Colorado New Mexico Nevada Montana Pennsylvania Alaska Hawaii Tennessee Texas North Carolina South Carolina Georgia North Dakota Illinois New Jersey British Columbia
Just been through: Delaware Indiana New Hampshire West Virginia Kentucky Vermont Kansas Connecticut Ontario Massachusetts