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Mathematics (D)[edit]

D/M/1 queue
Dade isometry
Dade's conjecture
Dagger category
Dagger compact category
Dagger symmetric monoidal category
D'Agostino's K-squared test
Dagum distribution
D'Alembert operator
D'Alembert–Euler condition
D'Alembert's formula
D'Alembert's paradox
D'Alembert's principle
Damerau–Levenshtein distance
Damm algorithm
Damping matrix
Damping ratio
Dandelin spheres
Daniel Gillespie
Daniell integral
Danielson-Lanczos lemma
Danish Mathematical Society
Dannie Heineman Prize for Mathematical Physics
Danskin's theorem
Dantzig–Wolfe decomposition
Dao Thanh Oai line
Darb-e Imam
Darboux basis (disambiguation)
Darboux basis
Darboux derivative
Darboux frame
Darboux integral
Darboux vector
Darboux's formula
Darboux's theorem (analysis)
Darboux's theorem
Darcy friction factor formulae
Darcy's law
Darcy–Weisbach equation
Data (Euclid)
Data analysis
Data assimilation
Data citation
Data Documentation Initiative
Data dredging
Data literacy
Data matrix (multivariate statistics)
Data point
Data transformation (statistics)
Database tuning
Daubechies wavelet
Davenport constant
Davenport–Schinzel sequence
Davenport–Schmidt theorem
Davey–Stewartson equation
David Hestenes
David Hilbert Award
Davidon–Fletcher–Powell formula
Davies equation
Davies–Bouldin index
Davis distribution
Davis–Putnam algorithm
Dawson function
Dawson–Gärtner theorem
DBAR problem
DC bias
De analysi per aequationes numero terminorum infinitas
De Arte Combinatoria
De Beghinselen Der Weeghconst
De Boor's algorithm
De Branges space
De Branges's theorem
De Bruijn graph
De Bruijn index
De Bruijn notation
De Bruijn sequence
De Bruijn torus
De Bruijn–Erdős theorem (disambiguation)
De Bruijn–Erdős theorem (graph theory)
De Bruijn–Erdős theorem (incidence geometry)
De Bruijn–Erdős theorem
De Bruijn–Newman constant
De Bruijn's theorem
De Casteljau's algorithm
De Corpore
De divina proportione
De Donder–Weyl theory
De Finetti diagram
De Finetti's theorem
De Franchis theorem
De Groot dual
De Gua's theorem
De Longchamps point
De Moivre–Laplace theorem
De Moivre's formula
De Moivre's theorem (disambiguation)
De Moivre's theorem
De Morgan algebra
De Morgan Medal
De Morgan's laws
De Polignac's formula
De Prospectiva Pingendi
De Rham cohomology
De Rham curve
De Rham invariant
De Rham–Weil theorem
De Sitter invariant special relativity
De Sitter space
De Sitter–Schwarzschild metric
De Thiende
De vetula
Dead beat control
Dead-end elimination
Death Risk Rankings
Deborah and Franklin Haimo Awards for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics
Debye function
Decade (log scale)
Decagonal antiprism
Decagonal bipyramid
Decagonal number
Decagonal prism
Decagonal trapezohedron
Decagram (geometry)
Decagrammic antiprism
Decagrammic prism
Decidability (logic)
Decidable sublanguages of set theory
Decimal mark
Decimal representation
Decimalization process
Decision analysis cycle
Decision Linear assumption
Decision mathematics (disambiguation)
Decision mathematics
Decision problem
Decision theory
Decision tree model
Decisional composite residuosity assumption
Decisional Diffie–Hellman assumption
Decision-making paradox
Decoding methods
Decomposition (disambiguation)
Decomposition matrix
Decomposition method (queueing theory)
Decomposition of spectrum (functional analysis)
Decoupling (analysis)
Decoupling (probability)
Decrement table
Dedekind cut
Dedekind domain
Dedekind eta function
Dedekind group
Dedekind number
Dedekind psi function
Dedekind sum
Dedekind zeta function
Dedekind–Hasse norm
Dedekind-infinite set
Dedekind–MacNeille completion
Deduction theorem
Deductive closure
Deductive system
Deep inference
Deep sampling
Default logic
Defeasible logic
Defective coloring
Defective matrix
Deficient number
Definable (disambiguation)
Definable real number
Definable set
Defining equation (physics)
Definite quadratic form
Definitions of mathematics
Deformation (mechanics)
Deformation (meteorology)
Deformation retract
Deformation ring
Deformation theory
Degasperis–Procesi equation
Degeneracy (graph theory)
Degeneracy (mathematics)
Degenerate conic
Degenerate distribution
Degenerate form
Degen's eight-square identity
Degree (angle)
Degree (graph theory)
Degree diameter problem
Degree distribution
Degree matrix
Degree of a continuous mapping
Degree of a field extension
Degree of a polynomial
Degree of an algebraic variety
Degree of anonymity
Degree sequence
Degree symbol
Degree-constrained spanning tree
Degrees of freedom (physics and chemistry)
Degrees of freedom (statistics)
Degrees of freedom
Dehn function
Dehn planes
Dehn surgery
Dehn twist
Dehn's lemma
Dehn–Sommerville equations
Dehornoy order
Dejter graph
Del in cylindrical and spherical coordinates
Del Pezzo (disambiguation)
Del Pezzo surface
Del Pezzo
Delannoy number
Delaporte distribution
Delaunay tessellation field estimator
Delaunay triangulation
Delay differential equation
Delayed clause construction
Deletion channel
Deligne cohomology
Deligne conjecture (disambiguation)
Deligne conjecture
Deligne–Lusztig theory
Delone set
Delphi method
Delta function (disambiguation)
Delta invariant
Delta method
Delta operator
Delta set
Deltoid curve
Deltoidal hexecontahedron
Deltoidal icositetrahedron
Deltoidal trihexagonal tiling
Delzant's theorem
Demand optimization
Demazure character formula
Demazure conjecture
Demazure module
Demidov Prize
Deming regression
Demon algorithm
Demonic composition
Dempster–Shafer theory
Dempwolff group
Demushkin group
Dendrite (mathematics)
Dendroid (topology)
Dendroidal set
Denisyuk polynomials
Denjoy theorem
Denjoy–Koksma inequality
Denjoy–Luzin theorem
Denjoy–Luzin–Saks theorem
Denjoy's theorem on rotation number
Denjoy–Wolff theorem
Denjoy–Young–Saks theorem
Denotational semantics
Dense graph
Dense order
Dense set
Dense subgraph
Dense submodule
Densely defined operator
Density (disambiguation)
Density (polytope)
Density estimation
Density matrix
Density on a manifold
Density theorem (disambiguation)
Density theorem
Deontic logic
Department of Statistics of Rajshahi University
Dependability state model
Dependence logic
Dependence relation
Dependency graph
Dependency relation
Dependent and independent variables
Depth (ring theory)
Depth of noncommutative subrings
Depth-first search
Depth-limited search
Derivation (abstract algebra)
Derivation of the conjugate gradient method
Derivation of the Navier–Stokes equations
Derivation of the Routh array
Derivative algebra (abstract algebra)
Derived category
Derived functor
Derived series
Derived set (mathematics)
Derrick's theorem
Desargues configuration
Desargues graph
Desargues' theorem
Desarguesian plane
Descartes number
Descartes' rule of signs
Descartes snark
Descartes' theorem
Descendant subgroup
Descent (mathematics)
Descent direction
Describing function
Description logic
Description number
Descriptive complexity theory
Descriptive geometry
Descriptive interpretation
Descriptive research
Descriptive set theory
Descriptive statistics
Design matrix
Design of experiments
Design theory (disambiguation)
Desmic system
Dessin d'enfant
Destination dispatch
Destructive dilemma
Detailed balance
Determinantal conjecture
Determinantal point process
Determinantal variety
Deterministic context-free grammar
Deterministic context-free language
Deterministic simulation
Deterministic system
Detrended correspondence analysis
Detrended fluctuation analysis
Deuring–Heilbronn phenomenon
Deutsche Mathematik
Developable (disambiguation)
Developable surface
Development (differential geometry)
Development (topology)
Devex algorithm
Deviance (statistics)
Deviance information criterion
Deviant logic
Deviation (statistics)
Deviation analysis (disambiguation)
Deviation of a local ring
Deviation of a poset
Devil's curve
DeWitt notation
DFT matrix
Diabolical cube
Diaconescu's theorem
Diagnostic odds ratio
Diagonal argument (disambiguation)
Diagonal argument
Diagonal form
Diagonal functor
Diagonal intersection
Diagonal lemma
Diagonal magic cube
Diagonal matrix
Diagonal subgroup
Diagonalizable group
Diagonalizable matrix
Diagonalization (disambiguation)
Diagonally dominant matrix
Diagram (category theory)
Diagrammatic reasoning
Dialectica interpretation
Dialectica space
Diameter (graph theory)
Diamond cubic
Diamond graph
Diamond operator
Diamond principle
Diamond theorem
Diamond-square algorithm
Dianalytic manifold
Diaspora (novel)
Dichromatic reflectance model
Dickey–Fuller test
Dickman function
Dickson invariant (disambiguation)
Dickson invariant
Dickson polynomial
Dickson's conjecture
Dickson's lemma
Dictum de omni et nullo
Dicyclic group
Dieudonné determinant
Dieudonné module
Dieudonné plank
Dieudonné's theorem
Diffeomorphism constraint
Difference algebra
Difference engine
Difference hierarchy
Difference in differences
Difference of Gaussians
Difference of two squares
Difference polynomials
Difference quotient
Difference set
Different ideal
Differentiable function
Differentiable manifold
Differential (infinitesimal)
Differential (mathematics)
Differential algebra
Differential algebraic equation
Differential algebraic geometry
Differential algebraic group
Differential analyser
Differential calculus over commutative algebras
Differential calculus
Differential coefficient
Differential dynamic programming
Differential entropy
Differential equation
Differential Equations (journal)
Differential equations of addition
Differential evolution
Differential form
Differential Galois theory
Differential game
Differential geometry of curves
Differential geometry of surfaces
Differential geometry
Differential graded algebra
Differential graded category
Differential graded Lie algebra
Differential group delay
Differential ideal
Differential inclusion
Differential invariant
Differential of a function
Differential of the first kind
Differential operator
Differential optical absorption spectroscopy
Differential poset
Differential structure
Differential topology
Differential variational inequality
Differentially closed field
Differentiation in Fréchet spaces
Differentiation of integrals
Differentiation of measures (disambiguation)
Differentiation of measures
Differentiation of trigonometric functions
Differentiation rules
Differentiation under the integral sign
Diffie–Hellman problem
Diffuse element method
Diffusion equation
Diffusion Monte Carlo
Diffusion MRI
Diffusion process
Diffusion wavelets
Diffusion-limited aggregation
Digamma function
Digit sum
Digital control
Digital geometry
Digital Library of Mathematical Functions
Digital manifold
Digital Morse theory
Digital root
Digital sum (disambiguation)
Digital sum in base b
Digital sum
Digital sundial
Digital teaching platform
Digital topology
Dihedral angle
Dihedral group of order 6
Dihedral group
Dihedral prime
Dihedral symmetry in three dimensions
Dijkstra's algorithm
Dijkstra–Scholten algorithm
Dilation (metric space)
Dilation (operator theory)
Dilworth's theorem
Dimension (graph theory)
Dimension (mathematics and physics)
Dimension (vector space)
Dimension function
Dimension of an algebraic variety
Dimension theorem for vector spaces
Dimension theory (algebra)
Dimension theory
Dimensional analysis
Dimensional metrology
Dimensional operator
Dimensional regularization
Dimensionality reduction
Dimensions (animation)
Diminished rhombicosidodecahedron
Diminished trapezohedron
Dinatural transformation
Dini continuity
Dini criterion
Dini derivative
Dini test
Dinic's algorithm
Dini–Lipschitz criterion
Dining cryptographers problem
Dining philosophers problem
Dini's surface
Dini's theorem
Dinitz conjecture
Dinostratus' theorem
Diophantine approximation
Diophantine equation
Diophantine geometry
Diophantine quintuple
Diophantine set
Diophantus II.VIII
Dipole graph
Dirac (video compression format)
Dirac adjoint
Dirac algebra
Dirac bracket
Dirac comb
Dirac delta function
Dirac equation in curved spacetime
Dirac equation in the algebra of physical space
Dirac equation
Dirac measure
Dirac operator
Dirac spectrum
Dirac's theorem (disambiguation)
Dirac's theorem
Dirac–von Neumann axioms
Direct algebraic logic
Direct comparison test
Direct image functor
Direct image with compact support
Direct integral
Direct limit of groups
Direct limit
Direct linear transformation
Direct material variance
Direct method in the calculus of variations
Direct multiple shooting method
Direct product of groups
Direct product
Direct proof
Direct simulation Monte Carlo
Direct stiffness method
Direct sum of groups
Direct sum of modules
Direct sum
Directed acyclic graph
Directed algebraic topology
Directed cycle
Directed graph
Directed infinity
Directed pseudoforest
Directed set
Direction (geometry)
Direction cosine
Direction of movement
Direction vector
Directional derivative
Directional statistics
Directional symmetry
Director circle
Director string
Dirichlet algebra
Dirichlet beta function
Dirichlet boundary condition
Dirichlet character
Dirichlet conditions
Dirichlet convolution
Dirichlet density
Dirichlet distribution
Dirichlet eigenvalue
Dirichlet eta function
Dirichlet form
Dirichlet integer
Dirichlet integral
Dirichlet kernel
Dirichlet L-function
Dirichlet problem
Dirichlet process
Dirichlet series
Dirichlet space
Dirichlet-multinomial distribution
Dirichlet's approximation theorem
Dirichlet's energy
Dirichlet's principle
Dirichlet's test
Dirichlet's theorem (disambiguation)
Dirichlet's theorem on arithmetic progressions
Dirichlet's theorem
Dirichlet's unit theorem
Dirk Niblick of the Math Brigade
Disc integration
Disc theorem
Discharging method (discrete mathematics)
Discontinuous Galerkin method
Discontinuous linear map
Discourse on the Method
Discrepancy (disambiguation)
Discrepancy function
Discrepancy of hypergraphs
Discrepancy theory
Discrete and Computational Geometry
Discrete category
Discrete Chebyshev polynomials
Discrete Chebyshev transform
Discrete cosine transform
Discrete differential geometry
Discrete element method
Discrete exterior calculus
Discrete Fourier series
Discrete Fourier transform (general)
Discrete Fourier transform
Discrete geometry
Discrete group
Discrete Hartley transform
Discrete Laplace operator
Discrete least squares meshless method
Discrete logarithm records
Discrete logarithm
Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science
Discrete Mathematics (journal)
Discrete mathematics
Discrete measure
Discrete modelling
Discrete Morse theory
Discrete optimization
Discrete orthogonal polynomials
Discrete phase-type distribution
Discrete Poisson equation
Discrete q-Hermite polynomials
Discrete series representation
Discrete sine transform
Discrete space
Discrete spectrum (physics)
Discrete spectrum
Discrete symmetry
Discrete tomography
Discrete two-point space
Discrete valuation ring
Discrete valuation
Discrete wavelet transform
Discrete-time Fourier transform
Discrete-time stochastic process
Discretization error
Discriminant function analysis
Discriminant of an algebraic number field
Discriminant validity
Discriminated union (disambiguation)
Discriminated union
Disdyakis dodecahedron
Disdyakis triacontahedron
Disintegration theorem
Disjoint sets
Disjoint union (topology)
Disjoint union of graphs
Disjoint union
Disjunct matrix
Disjunction and existence properties
Disjunction elimination
Disjunction introduction
Disjunction property of Wallman
Disjunctive graph
Disjunctive normal form
Disjunctive sequence
Disjunctive sum
Disjunctive syllogism
Disk (mathematics)
Disk algebra
Disk covering problem
Disorder problem
Dispersion point
Dispersionless equation
Dispersive partial differential equation
Disphenoid tetrahedral honeycomb
Displacement (vector)
Displacement operator
Disquisitiones Arithmeticae
Disquotational principle
Dissection problem
Dissection puzzle
Dissipation factor
Dissipative operator
Dissipative soliton
Dissociated press
Dissociation number
Distance (graph theory)
Distance between two straight lines
Distance correlation
Distance from a point to a line
Distance geometry
Distance matrix
Distance of closest approach of ellipses and ellipsoids
Distance sampling
Distance-hereditary graph
Distance-regular graph
Distance-transitive graph
Distortion (mathematics)
Distortion function
Distortion problem
Distributed constraint optimization
Distributed lag
Distributed minimum spanning tree
Distributed source coding
Distribution (differential geometry)
Distribution (mathematics)
Distribution (number theory)
Distribution algebra
Distribution ensemble
Distribution function
Distributive category
Distributive homomorphism
Distributive lattice
Distributive law between monads
Distributive property
Distributivity (order theory)
Ditetragonal tritetragonal tiling
Ditkin set
Ditrigonal dodecadodecahedron
Divergence (computer science)
Divergence (statistics)
Divergence of the sum of the reciprocals of the primes
Divergence theorem
Divergent geometric series
Divergent series
Diversity index
Divide and conquer algorithm
Divide-and-conquer eigenvalue algorithm
Divided differences
Divided domain
Divided power structure
Dividing a circle into areas
Divisibility (ring theory)
Divisibility rule
Divisibility sequence
Divisible group
Division (mathematics)
Division (military)
Division algebra
Division algorithm
Division by two
Division by zero (disambiguation)
Division by zero
Division polynomials
Division ring
Division sign
Divisor (algebraic geometry)
Divisor function
Divisor summatory function
Divisor topology
Dixmier conjecture
Dixmier mapping
Dixmier trace
Dixon's factorization method
Dixon's identity
Dixon's Q test
DNSS point
Dobinski's formula
Dodecagonal antiprism
Dodecagonal number
Dodecagonal prism
Dodecagrammic antiprism
Dodecagrammic crossed-antiprism
Dodecagrammic prism
Dodecahedral conjecture
Dodecahedral number
Dodecahedral prism
Dodgson condensation
Does God Play Dice? The New Mathematics of Chaos
Dogbone space
Doi–Naganuma lifting
Dolbeault cohomology
Dold manifold
Dold–Kan correspondence
Dold–Thom theorem
Doléans-Dade exponential
Dolgachev surface
Domain (mathematical analysis)
Domain (ring theory)
Domain coloring
Domain decomposition method
Domain decomposition methods
Domain of a function
Domain of discourse
Domain of holomorphy
Domain relational calculus
Domain theory
Domain wall (string theory)
Domatic number
Dome (mathematics)
Dominance order
Dominant functor
Dominated convergence theorem
Dominating decision rule
Dominating set
Domination number
Domination perfect graph
Dominator (graph theory)
Domino (mathematics)
Domino problem
Domino tiling
Donald in Mathmagic Land
Donaldson theory
Donaldson's theorem
Donaldson–Thomas theory
Donkey pronoun
Donsker's theorem
Doob decomposition theorem
Doob martingale
Doob–Dynkin lemma
Doob–Meyer decomposition theorem
Doob's martingale convergence theorems
Doob's martingale inequality
Doomsday argument
Doomsday conjecture
Door space
Doo–Sabin subdivision surface
Dormand–Prince method
Dot product
Dots (game)
Dots and Boxes
Douady rabbit
Douady–Earle extension
Double (manifold)
Double affine braid group
Double affine Hecke algebra
Double bubble conjecture
Double centralizer theorem
Double coset
Double counting (fallacy)
Double counting (proof technique)
Double cover (disambiguation)
Double cover
Double dabble
Double exponential distribution (disambiguation)
Double exponential distribution
Double exponential function
Double exponential
Double factorial
Double groupoid
Double layer potential
Double limit theorem
Double Mersenne number
Double Mersenne prime
Double negation
Double negative elimination
Double origin topology
Double pendulum
Double point
Double recursion
Double scroll attractor
Double suspension theorem
Double tangent bundle
Double torus knot
Double turnstile
Double wedge
Double-negation translation
Double-star snark
Doubling map
Doubling space
Doubling the cube
Doubling time
Doubling-oriented Doche–Icart–Kohel curve
Doubly connected edge list
Doubly periodic function
Doubly stochastic matrix
Doubly stochastic model
Dougall's formula (disambiguation)
Dougall's formula
Douglas' lemma
Dowker notation
Dowker space
Dowling geometry
Down-shift operator
DPLL algorithm
Drag equation
Dragon curve
Dragon's Eye (symbol)
Drawing straws
Drazin inverse
Drift plus penalty
Drinfeld module
Drinfeld reciprocity
Drinfeld upper half plane
Drinker paradox
Du Bois singularity
Du Val singularity
Dual (category theory)
Dual abelian variety
Dual basis in a field extension
Dual basis
Dual bundle
Dual code
Dual cone and polar cone
Dual constraint graph
Dual control theory
Dual curve
Dual graph
Dual Hahn polynomials
Dual matroid
Dual norm
Dual number
Dual object
Dual pair
Dual polygon
Dual polyhedron
Dual q-Hahn polynomials
Dual q-Krawtchouk polynomials
Dual quaternion
Dual representation
Dual space
Dual topology
Dual total correlation
Dual wavelet
Dual-flashlight plot
Duality (disambiguation)
Duality (electrical circuits)
Duality (electricity and magnetism)
Duality (mathematics)
Duality (mechanical engineering)
Duality (optimization)
Duality (order theory)
Duality (projective geometry)
Duality gap
Duality principle (disambiguation)
Duality principle
Duality theory for distributive lattices
Dualizing module
Dubins path
Ducci sequence
Dudeney number
Dudley triangle
Dudley's theorem
Duffing equation
Duffing map
Duffin–Kemmer–Petiau algebra
Duffin–Schaeffer conjecture
Duflo isomorphism
Duggan–Schwartz theorem
Duhamel's integral
Duhamel's principle
Duistermaat–Heckman formula
Duke Mathematical Journal
Dulmage–Mendelsohn decomposition
Dummy variable (disambiguation)
Dummy variable (statistics)
Dunbar's number
Duncan's new multiple range test
Dunce hat (topology)
Dunford–Pettis property
Dunford–Schwartz theorem
Dunham expansion
Dunkl operator
Dunnett's test
Dupin cyclide
Dupin indicatrix
Duplication and elimination matrices
Durand–Kerner method
Durand–Kerner method
Durbin test
Durbin–Watson statistic
Dürer graph
Durfee square
Dutch book
Dvoretzky–Kiefer–Wolfowitz inequality
Dvoretzky's theorem
Dwork family
Dwork's lemma
Dyadic cubes
Dyadic distribution
Dyadic rational
Dyadic transformation
Dyck graph
Dyck's surface
Dyck's theorem
Dykstra's projection algorithm
Dym equation
Dynamic aperture (accelerator physics)
Dynamic Bayesian network
Dynamic contagion process
Dynamic convex hull
Dynamic Design Analysis Method
Dynamic errors of numerical methods of ODE discretization
Dynamic fluid film equations
Dynamic link matching
Dynamic Markov compression
Dynamic mode decomposition
Dynamic Monte Carlo method
Dynamic network analysis
Dynamic problem (algorithms)
Dynamic programming
Dynamic rectangle
Dynamic relaxation
Dynamic similarity (Reynolds and Womersley numbers)
Dynamic simulation
Dynamic time warping
Dynamical billiards
Dynamical system (definition)
Dynamical system
Dynamical systems theory
Dynamics of Markovian particles
Dynkin diagram
Dynkin index
Dynkin system
Dynkin's formula
Dynkin's lemma
Dyson conjecture
Dyson's transform
Dzongkha numerals