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Mathematics (P)[edit]

P (complexity)
P closure (binary relation)
P versus NP problem
PA degree
Pace count beads
Pachner moves
Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences
Pacific Journal of Mathematics
Package-merge algorithm
Packed storage matrix
Packet erasure channel
Packing dimension
Packing in a hypergraph
Packing measure
Packing problem
Padding argument
Padé approximant
Padé table
P-adic analysis
P-adic distribution
P-adic exponential function
P-adic gamma function
P-adic Hodge theory
P-adic L-function
P-adic modular form
P-adic number
P-adic order
P-adic Teichmüller theory
P-adically closed field
Padovan cuboid spiral
Padovan polynomials
Padovan sequence
Padua points
Page's trend test
Paid survey
Painlevé transcendents
Painter's algorithm
Painter's paradox
Pair of pants (mathematics)
Pair of spaces
Paired comparison analysis
Paired difference test
Pairing function
Pairwise coprime
Pairwise error probability
Pairwise independence
Pairwise Stone space
Pairwise summation
Paitamaha Siddhanta
Pakistan Mathematical Society
Pakistan Statistical Society
Palais theorem
Palais–Smale compactness condition
Paley construction
Paley graph
Paley–Wiener integral
Paley–Wiener theorem
Paley–Zygmund inequality
Palindromic number
Palindromic polynomial
Palindromic prime
Palm calculus
Palm–Khintchine theorem
Pan-African Congress of Mathematicians
Pancyclic graph
Pandiagonal magic cube
Pandiagonal magic square
Pandigital number
Paneitz operator
Panel data
Panjer recursion
Pansu derivative
Pantelides algorithm
Pantriagonal magic cube
Paolo Dagomari di Prato
Paper bag problem
Pappus chain
Pappus configuration
Pappus graph
Pappus's centroid theorem
Pappus's hexagon theorem
Pappus's theorem (disambiguation)
Pappus's theorem
Parabiaugmented dodecahedron
Parabiaugmented hexagonal prism
Parabiaugmented truncated dodecahedron
Parabidiminished rhombicosidodecahedron
Parabigyrate rhombicosidodecahedron
Parabola of safety
Parabolic constant
Parabolic coordinates
Parabolic cylinder function
Parabolic cylindrical coordinates
Parabolic fractal distribution
Parabolic geometry (differential geometry)
Parabolic geometry (disambiguation)
Parabolic induction
Parabolic Lie algebra
Parabolic partial differential equation
Paraboloidal coordinates
Paracompact space
Paracompact uniform honeycombs
Paraconsistent logic
Paraconsistent mathematics
Paradox of enrichment
Paradoxes of set theory
Paradoxical set
Parafactorial local ring
Parafree group
Paragyrate diminished rhombicosidodecahedron
Parallel (geometry)
Parallel coordinates
Parallel curve
Parallel mesh generation
Parallel metaheuristic
Parallel parking problem
Parallel postulate
Parallel projection
Parallel tempering
Parallel transport
Parallelizable manifold
Parallelization (mathematics)
Parallelogram law
Parallelogram of force
Parameter space
Parameterized complexity
Parametric array
Parametric derivative
Parametric equation
Parametric family
Parametric model
Parametric oscillator
Parametric statistics
Parametric surface
Paranormal operator
Paranormal space
Paranormal subgroup
Parasitic number
Parasitic oscillation
Paratingent cone
Paratopological group
Parent function
Pareto analysis
Pareto chart
Pareto distribution
Pareto efficiency
Pareto index
Pareto interpolation
Pareto principle
Pareto set
Pariah group
Paris–Harrington theorem
Parity (mathematics)
Parity bit
Parity function
Parity game
Parity learning
Parity of a permutation
Parity of zero
Parity P
Parity plot
Parity problem (sieve theory)
Parity-check matrix
Park test
Parker vector
Parker-Sochacki method
Parovicenko space
Parrondo's paradox
Parry point (triangle)
Parry–Daniels map
Parry–Sullivan invariant
Parseval–Gutzmer formula
Parseval's identity
Parseval's theorem
Parshin chain
Parshin’s conjecture
Part III of the Mathematical Tripos
Parthasarathy's theorem
Partial autocorrelation function
Partial correlation
Partial cube
Partial cyclic order
Partial derivative
Partial differential algebraic equation
Partial differential equation
Partial element equivalent circuit
Partial equivalence relation
Partial evaluation
Partial fraction decomposition
Partial fractions in complex analysis
Partial function
Partial geometry
Partial group algebra
Partial isometry
Partial k-tree
Partial least squares regression
Partial leverage
Partial linear space
Partial order reduction
Partial permutation
Partial products algorithm
Partial regression plot
Partial residual plot
Partial return reverse swap
Partial trace
Partial word
Partially observable Markov decision process
Partially ordered group
Partially ordered ring
Partially ordered set
Partially ordered space
Participation inequality
Particle filter
Particle in a box
Particle in a ring
Particle in a spherically symmetric potential
Particle physics and representation theory
Particle statistics
Particle swarm optimization
Particular point topology
Particular values of the Gamma function
Partisan game
Partition (number theory)
Partition cardinal (disambiguation)
Partition cardinal
Partition function (mathematics)
Partition matroid
Partition of a set
Partition of an interval
Partition of sums of squares
Partition of unity
Partition regularity
Partition topology
Part-of-speech tagging
Parts-per notation
Party-list proportional representation
Parvaresh–Vardy code
Pascal matrix
Pascal's calculator
Pascal's pyramid
Pascal's rule
Pascal's simplex
Pascal's theorem
Pascal's triangle
Pasch's axiom
Pasch's theorem
Pasting lemma
Patch test (finite elements)
Path (graph theory)
Path (topology)
Path analysis (statistics)
Path coefficient
Path coloring
Path cover
Path dependence
Path graph
Path integral (disambiguation)
Path integral molecular dynamics
Path integral Monte Carlo
Path integral
Path of least resistance
Path space
Path-based strong component algorithm
Pathological (mathematics)
Patlak plot
Pattern block
Pattern calculus
Pattern formation
Pattern search (optimization)
Pattern theory
Patterns in nature
Patterson function
Paul Erdős Award
Paul Erdős Prize
Pauli group
Pauli matrices
Pauli–Lubanski pseudovector
Paulisa Siddhanta
Paving matroid
PCF theory
P-compact group
P-constrained group
PCP theorem
PDE surface
Peano axioms
Peano curve
Peano existence theorem
Peano-Russell notation
Pearson distribution
Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient
Pearson's chi-squared test
Peaucellier–Lipkin linkage
Pebble game
Pebble motion problems
Peck poset
Pedal curve
Pedal equation
Pedal triangle
Pedoe's inequality
Peeling theorem
Peetre theorem
Peetre's inequality
Peirce decomposition
Peirce quincuncial projection
Peirce's criterion
Peirce's law
Peixoto's theorem
Pell number
Pell's equation
Penalty method
Pencil (mathematics)
Pendulum (mathematics)
Penney's game
Penrose diagram
Penrose graphical notation
Penrose stairs
Penrose tiling
Penrose transform
Penrose triangle
Pentadiagonal matrix
Pentagon tiling
Pentagonal antiprism
Pentagonal antiprismatic prism
Pentagonal bifrustum
Pentagonal bipyramid
Pentagonal cupola
Pentagonal gyrobicupola
Pentagonal gyrocupolarotunda
Pentagonal hexecontahedron
Pentagonal icositetrahedron
Pentagonal number theorem
Pentagonal number
Pentagonal orthobicupola
Pentagonal orthobirotunda
Pentagonal orthocupolarotunda
Pentagonal polytope
Pentagonal prism
Pentagonal pyramid
Pentagonal pyramidal number
Pentagonal rotunda
Pentagonal trapezohedron
Pentagram map
Pentagrammic antiprism
Pentagrammic bipyramid
Pentagrammic crossed-antiprism
Pentagrammic prism
Pentakis dodecahedron
Pentakis icosidodecahedron
Pentakis snub dodecahedron
Pentatope number
Pentellated 6-cube
Pentellated 6-orthoplex
Pentellated 6-simplex
Pentellated 7-cube
Pentellated 7-orthoplex
Pentellated 7-simplex
Pentellated 8-simplex
Pentimal system
Pépin's test
Per mil
Percent sign
Percentage point
Percentile rank
Percept (information technology)
Perceptrons (book)
Percolation critical exponents
Percolation theory
Percolation threshold
Per-comparison error rate
Peregrine soliton
Perfect core
Perfect digit-to-digit invariant
Perfect field
Perfect graph theorem
Perfect graph
Perfect group
Perfect hash function
Perfect lattice
Perfect magic cube
Perfect map
Perfect matrix
Perfect measure
Perfect number
Perfect power
Perfect ring
Perfect ruler
Perfect set property
Perfect space
Perfect spline
Perfect square (disambiguation)
Perfect thermal contact
Perfect totient number
Perfectly matched layer
Perfectly orderable graph
Period domain
Period mapping
Period-doubling bifurcation
Periodic boundary conditions
Periodic continued fraction
Periodic function
Periodic graph (geometry)
Periodic graph (graph theory)
Periodic group
Periodic matrix set
Periodic point
Periodic points of complex quadratic mappings
Periodic sequence
Periodic summation
Periodic table of shapes
Periodic variation
Peripheral cycle
Peripheral subgroup
Perkel graph
Perko pair
Perles configuration
Perlin noise
Permanent is sharp-P-complete
Permutable prime
Permutable subgroup
Permutation (music)
Permutation automaton
Permutation cipher
Permutation graph
Permutation group
Permutation matrix
Permutation pattern
Permutation polynomial
Permutation test
Pernicious number
Perpendicular axis theorem
Perpendicular bisector construction
Perpendicular distance
Perrin number
Perron method
Perron number
Perron–Frobenius theorem
Perron's formula
Persistence of a number
Persistent homology
Perspective (geometry)
Perspective (graphical)
Persymmetric matrix
Perturbation (astronomy)
Perturbation function
Perturbation problem beyond all orders
Perturbation theory (quantum mechanics)
Perturbation theory
Perturbative geometry
Perverse sheaf
Peter Simons (academic)
Peters polynomials
Petersen family
Petersen graph
Petersen's theorem
Peterson–Stein formula
Petersson inner product
Petersson trace formula
Peter–Weyl theorem
Petkovšek's algorithm
Petr–Douglas–Neumann theorem
Petrick's method
Petrie polygon
Petrov classification
Petrov–Galerkin method
Petrovsky lacuna
Pettis integral
Pettis' theorem
Pfaffian function
Pfeffer integral
Pfister form
PH (complexity)
Phantom map
Pharmaceutical Statistics
Phase (waves)
Phase boundary
Phase diagram
Phase field models
Phase line (mathematics)
Phase plane method
Phase plane
Phase portrait
Phase response
Phase retrieval
Phase space formulation
Phase space method
Phase space
Phase velocity
Phase-type distribution
Phasor (physics)
Phelim Boyle
Phi coefficient
Phi-hiding assumption
Philip J. Hanlon
Phillips–Perron test
Philo line
Philosophia Mathematica
Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica
Philosophical interpretation of classical physics
Philosophy of Arithmetic (book)
Philosophy of computer science
Philosophy of logic
Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal
Philosophy of mathematics education
Philosophy of mathematics
Philosophy of statistics
Photon Doppler velocimetry
Phragmen–Brouwer theorem
Phragmén–Lindelöf principle
Physica A
Physical constant
Physical geodesy
Physical knot theory
Physical symbol system
Physics (Aristotle)
Physics equations
Physics of computation
Pi (art project)
Pi (film)
Pi (letter)
Pi Day
Pi in the Sky
Pi Mu Epsilon
Pi system
Picard group
Picard horn
Picard modular group
Picard modular surface
Picard theorem
Picard–Fuchs equation
Picard–Lefschetz theory
Picard–Lindelöf theorem
Picard–Vessiot theory
Pick matrix
Pickands–Balkema–de Haan theorem
Pickover stalk
Pick's theorem
Picone identity
Picture (mathematics)
Picture function
Pidduck polynomials
Pidgin code
Pie chart
Piecewise linear (disambiguation)
Piecewise linear continuation
Piecewise linear function
Piecewise linear manifold
Piecewise linear
Piecewise syndetic set
Piecewise-deterministic Markov process
Pierce–Birkhoff conjecture
Pieri's formula
Pierpont prime
Pigeonhole principle
Pignistic probability
Piling-up lemma
Pillai prime
Pillai's conjecture
Pin group
Pinch point (mathematics)
Pinched torus
Pincherle derivative
Pincherle polynomials
Ping-pong lemma
Pink triangle
Pinsker's inequality
Pinsky phenomenon
Pinwheel tiling
Pipe network analysis
Pirate game
Pisano period
Pisot–Vijayaraghavan number
Pitchfork bifurcation
Pitman closeness criterion
Pitman–Yor process
Pitot theorem
Pitteway triangulation
Pivot element
Pivot theorem
Pivotal quantity
Pixel connectivity
Pizza theorem
Plactic monoid
Planar (computer graphics)
Planar algebra
Planar Fourier capture array
Planar graph
Planar lamina
Planar projection
Planar separator theorem
Planar straight-line graph
Planar ternary ring
Planarity testing
Plancherel measure
Plancherel theorem for spherical functions
Plancherel theorem
Plane (geometry)
Plane at infinity
Plane curve
Plane geometry (disambiguation)
Plane of rotation
Plane partition
Plane symmetry
Plane wave
Plane–sphere intersection
Plasma stability
Plastic number
Plate notation
Plate trick
Plateau (mathematics)
Plateau's laws
Plateau's problem
Platonic hydrocarbon
Platonic idealism
Platonic solid
Plato's number
Playfair cipher
Playfair's axiom
Pleated surface
Plebanski tensor
Plimpton 322
Plotkin bound
PLS (complexity)
Plücker coordinates
Plücker embedding
Plücker formula
Plucker matrix
Plücker surface
Plücker's conoid
Plural quantification
Pluriharmonic function
Pluripolar set
Plurisubharmonic function
Plus and minus signs
Plus construction
Plus Magazine
Plus-minus sign
Pochhammer contour
Pochhammer k-symbol
Pochhammer symbol
Pocket Cube
Pocket set theory
Pocklington primality test
Pocklington's algorithm
Pocock boundary
Pohlig–Hellman algorithm
Poincaré complex
Poincaré conjecture
Poincaré disk model
Poincaré duality
Poincaré group
Poincaré half-plane model
Poincaré inequality
Poincaré map
Poincaré metric
Poincaré model (disambiguation)
Poincaré model
Poincaré plot
Poincaré recurrence theorem
Poincaré residue
Poincaré Seminars
Poincaré series (disambiguation)
Poincaré series (modular form)
Poincaré series
Poincaré space
Poincaré transformation
Poincaré–Bendixson theorem
Poincaré–Birkhoff theorem
Poincaré–Birkhoff–Witt theorem
Poincaré–Hopf theorem
Poincaré–Lelong equation
Poincaré–Lindstedt method
Poincaré–Steklov operator
Poinsot's spirals
Point (geometry)
Point accepted mutation
Point at infinity
Point estimation
Point group
Point groups in three dimensions
Point groups in two dimensions
Point in polygon
Point location
Point mass
Point on plane closest to origin
Point plotting
Point process
Point reflection
Point set triangulation
Point source
Point-biserial correlation coefficient
Pointed set
Pointed space
Point-finite collection
Point-free (disambiguation)
Pointless topology
Point–line–plane postulate
Pointwise convergence
Pointwise mutual information
Pointwise order
Pointwise product
Poisson algebra
Poisson binomial distribution
Poisson bracket
Poisson clumping
Poisson distribution
Poisson formula
Poisson hidden Markov model
Poisson kernel
Poisson limit theorem
Poisson manifold
Poisson process
Poisson random measure
Poisson random numbers
Poisson regression
Poisson ring
Poisson sampling
Poisson scatter theorem
Poisson summation formula
Poisson superalgebra
Poisson supermanifold
Poisson–Lie group
Poisson's equation
Poker Effective Hand Strength (EHS) algorithm
Poker probability (Omaha)
Poker probability (Texas hold 'em)
Poker probability
Polar action
Polar code (coding theory)
Polar coordinate system
Polar curve
Polar decomposition
Polar homology
Polar hypersurface
Polar set (potential theory)
Polar set
Polar sine
Polar space
Polar topology
Polarization identity
Polarization of an algebraic form
Pole (complex analysis)
Pole and polar
Policy capturing
Polignac's conjecture
Polish Logic
Polish Mathematical Society
Polish notation
Polish School of Mathematics
Polish space
Polite number
Political forecasting
Pollard's kangaroo algorithm
Pollard's p − 1 algorithm
Pollard's rho algorithm for logarithms
Pollard's rho algorithm
Pollock octahedral numbers conjecture
Poloidal toroidal decomposition
Pólya conjecture
Pólya enumeration theorem
Pólya Prize (disambiguation)
Pólya Prize (LMS)
Pólya Prize
Polya urn model
Polyadic algebra
Polyakov formula
Pólya-Vinogradov inequality
Poly-Bernoulli number
Polychoric correlation
Polyconvex function
Polycyclic group
Polydivisible number
Polygamma function
Polygon density
Polygon soup
Polygon triangulation
Polygonal chain
Polygonal number
Polygon-circle graph
Polygraph (mathematics)
Polyharmonic spline
Polyhedral combinatorics
Polyhedral compound
Polyhedral graph
Polyhedral group
Polyhedral pyramid
Polyhedral space
Polyhedron model
Polyhex (mathematics)
Polylogarithmic function
Polynomial and rational function modeling
Polynomial arithmetic
Polynomial basis
Polynomial chaos
Polynomial code
Polynomial Diophantine equation
Polynomial expansion
Polynomial expression
Polynomial function theorems for zeros
Polynomial functor
Polynomial greatest common divisor
Polynomial hierarchy
Polynomial identity ring
Polynomial interpolation
Polynomial lemniscate
Polynomial long division
Polynomial matrix
Polynomial regression
Polynomial remainder theorem
Polynomial representations of cyclic redundancy checks
Polynomial ring
Polynomial sequence
Polynomial SOS
Polynomially reflexive space
Polynomials on vector spaces
Polynomial-time algorithm for approximating the volume of convex bodies
Polynomial-time approximation scheme
Polynomial-time reduction
Polynormal subgroup
Polyphase matrix
Polyphase sequence
Polytomous Rasch model
Polytope families
Polytope graph
Polyvector field
Poly-Weibull distribution
Pomeau–Manneville scenario
Pompeiu derivative
Pompeiu problem
Pompeiu's theorem
Poncelet point
Poncelet Prize
Poncelet's closure theorem
Poncelet–Steiner theorem
Pons asinorum
Ponte del Diavolo (game)
Pontryagin class
Pontryagin cohomology operation
Pontryagin duality
Pontryagin product
Pontryagin's minimum principle
Pooled standard deviation
Pooled variance
Pop music automation
Popoviciu's inequality on variances
Popoviciu's inequality
Popular mathematics
Population balance equation
Population modeling
Population process
Population variance
Population viability analysis
Population-based incremental learning
Porous set
Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation
Porteous formula
Portmanteau test
Portmanteau theorem
Port-Royal Logic
Portugaliae Mathematica
Portuguese Mathematical Society
Pöschl–Teller potential
Poset game
Poset topology
Posetal category
Position (vector)
Position circle
Positional game
Positional notation
Positive and negative parts
Positive and negative sets
Positive current
Positive definiteness (disambiguation)
Positive definiteness
Positive element
Positive feedback
Positive form
Positive harmonic function
Positive invariant set
Positive linear functional
Positive map
Positive polynomial
Positive predictive value
Positive semidefinite (disambiguation)
Positive semidefinite
Positive set theory
Positive-definite function on a group
Positive-definite function
Positive-definite kernel
Positive-definite matrix
Positively separated sets
Positive-real function
Possibility theory
Possible Worlds (play)
Post correspondence problem
Post hoc ergo propter hoc
Postage stamp problem
PostBQP = PP
Posterior predictive distribution
Posterior probability
Post-hoc analysis
Post-Newtonian expansion
Postnikov square
Postnikov system
Post's inversion formula
Post's lattice
Post's theorem
Post–Turing machine
Potato paradox
Potential energy surface
Potential flow
Potential function (disambiguation)
Potential function
Potential good reduction
Potential gradient
Potential isomorphism
Potential theory
Potsdam Miracle
Potts model
Pourbaix diagram
Poussin proof
Powell's method
Power associativity
Power automorphism
Power center (geometry)
Power closed
Power diagram
Power function (disambiguation)
Power function
Power graph analysis
Power iteration
Power law
Power mean
Power of a point
Power of two
Power residue symbol
Power rule
Power series solution of differential equations
Power series
Power set
Power sum symmetric polynomial
Power transform
Powerful number
Powerful p-group
Powers of 10
Poynting vector
PP (complexity)
PPA (complexity)
PPAD (complexity)
PPP (complexity)
PR (complexity)
Practical number
Pre-abelian category
Preadditive category
Precision (statistics)
Preclosure operator
Predicate (mathematical logic)
Predicate calculus
Predicate functor logic
Predicate logic
Predicate variable
Predicative programming
Predictable process
Prediction interval
Predictive analytics
Predictive inference
Predictive informatics
Predictive modelling
Predictive state representation
Predictive validity
Predictor–corrector method
Preference regression
Preferential attachment
Preferential entailment
Preferred number
Prefix code
Prefix grammar
Pregaussian class
Pregeometry (disambiguation)
Pregeometry (model theory)
Pregeometry (physics)
Prehistoric numerals
Prehomogeneous vector space
Preimage theorem
Preissman's theorem
Prékopa–Leindler inequality
Pre-Lie algebra
Pre-math skills
Premature convergence
Prenex normal form
Preordered class
Preparata code
Preparation theorem (disambiguation)
Preparation theorem
Presburger arithmetic
Prescribed Ricci curvature problem
Prescribed scalar curvature problem
Presentation complex
Presentation of a group
Presentation of a monoid
Presheaf (category theory)
President of the American Statistical Association
President of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics
President of the Royal Statistical Society
President of the Statistical Society of Canada
Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching
P-residual subgroup
PRESS statistic
Press–Schechter formalism
Pressure-correction method
Presymplectic form
Pretopological space
Pretzel link
Prevalent and shy sets
Price of stability
Priestley space
Primal constraint graph
Primal graph (disambiguation)
Primal ideal
Primality certificate
Primality test
Primary cyclic group
Primary extension
Primary ideal
Primary Mathematics World Contest
Primary pseudoperfect number
Prime (order theory)
Prime constant
Prime decomposition (3-manifold)
Prime element
Prime end
Prime factor exponent notation
Prime factor
Prime form
Prime gap
Prime geodesic
Prime ideal theorem (disambiguation)
Prime ideal theorem
Prime ideal
Prime integer topology
Prime knot
Prime k-tuple
Prime manifold
Prime model
Prime number theorem
Prime number
Prime Obsession
Prime Pages
Prime power
Prime quadruplet
Prime reciprocal magic square
Prime ring
Prime signature
Prime triplet
Prime zeta function
Prime-counting function
Prime-factor FFT algorithm
Primefree sequence
Primes in arithmetic progression
Primeval number
Primitive abundant number
Primitive element (disambiguation)
Primitive element (finite field)
Primitive element theorem
Primitive element
Primitive equations
Primitive ideal
Primitive notion
Primitive permutation group
Primitive polynomial (field theory)
Primitive polynomial
Primitive recursive arithmetic
Primitive recursive function
Primitive recursive functional
Primitive ring
Primitive root (disambiguation)
Primitive root modulo n
Primitive root
Primitive semiperfect number
Primon gas
Primordial element (algebra)
Primorial prime
Prim's algorithm
PRIMUS (journal)
Prince Rupert's cube
Princess and monster game
Princeton University Mathematics Competition
Principal angles
Principal axis theorem
Principal branch
Principal bundle
Principal component analysis
Principal component regression
Principal curvature
Principal geodesic analysis
Principal homogeneous space
Principal ideal domain
Principal ideal ring
Principal ideal theorem
Principal ideal
Principal indecomposable module
Principal part
Principal series representation
Principal stratification
Principal subalgebra
Principal value
Principia Mathematica
Principle of bivalence
Principle of compositionality
Principle of distributivity
Principle of explosion
Principle of indifference
Principle of least action
Principle of marginality
Principle of maximum entropy
Principle of permanence
Principles and Standards for School Mathematics
Principles of Hindu Reckoning
Principles of Mathematical Logic
Principles of the Theory of Probability
Prior Analytics
Prior probability
Prism (geometry)
PRISM (website)
Prismatic compound of antiprisms with rotational freedom
Prismatic compound of antiprisms
Prismatic compound of prisms with rotational freedom
Prismatic compound of prisms
Prismatic pentagonal tiling
Prismatic surface
Prismatic uniform polychoron
Prismatic uniform polyhedron
Prize of the Austrian Mathematical Society
PRO (category theory)
Probabilistic analysis of algorithms
Probabilistic argumentation
Probabilistic automaton
Probabilistic complexity theory
Probabilistic design
Probabilistic encryption
Probabilistic forecasting
Probabilistic latent semantic analysis
Probabilistic logic network
Probabilistic logic
Probabilistic method
Probabilistic metric space
Probabilistic number theory
Probabilistic proofs of non-probabilistic theorems
Probabilistic proposition
Probabilistic relational model
Probabilistic risk assessment
Probabilistic Turing machine
Probabilistic voting theory
Probabilistically checkable proof
Probabilistic-based design optimization
Probability amplitude
Probability and statistics
Probability axioms
Probability bounds analysis
Probability box
Probability density function
Probability derivations for making rank-based hands in Omaha hold 'em
Probability distribution function
Probability distribution
Probability integral transform
Probability interpretations
Probability mass function
Probability matching
Probability measure
Probability of kill
Probability of making the nut low hand in Omaha hold 'em
Probability space
Probability Surveys
Probability Theory and Related Fields
Probability theory
Probability vector
Probability-generating function
Probable error
Probable prime
Probit model
Problem book
Problem domain
Problem of Apollonius
Problem of multiple generality
Problem of points
Problem solving
Problems in Latin squares
Problems in loop theory and quasigroup theory
Problems involving arithmetic progressions
Proceedings of A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society
Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society
Process capability
Process control
Process graph
Process optimization
Process Window Index
Procrustes analysis
Procrustes transformation
Product (category theory)
Product (mathematics)
Product category
Product distribution
Product integral
Product measure
Product metric
Product numerical range
Product of group subsets
Product of groups (disambiguation)
Product of groups
Product of rings
Product order
Product rule
Product term
Product topology
Product-form solution
Products in algebraic topology
Proebsting's paradox
Professional Science Master's
Professor Moriarty
Professor of Mathematics, Glasgow
Professor's Cube
Professorship of Mathematical Statistics, University of Cambridge
Professorship of Statistical Science, University of Cambridge
Profinite group
Profit model
Prognostic equation
Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists
Progressive function
Progressive Graphics File
Progressively measurable process
Proizvolov's identity
Proj construction
Project Euler
Project Mathematics!
Project NExT
Project SEED
Projected dynamical system
Projection (linear algebra)
Projection (mathematics)
Projection (order theory)
Projection (set theory)
Projection body
Projection formula
Projection method (fluid dynamics)
Projection plane
Projection pursuit regression
Projection pursuit
Projectionless algebra
Projections onto convex sets
Projection-slice theorem
Projection-valued measure
Projective bundle
Projective cone
Projective connection
Projective cover
Projective differential geometry
Projective frame
Projective geometry
Projective group (disambiguation)
Projective harmonic conjugate
Projective hierarchy
Projective Hilbert space
Projective line over a ring
Projective line
Projective linear group
Projective module
Projective object
Projective orthogonal group
Projective plane
Projective polyhedron
Projective range
Projective representation
Projective semilinear group
Projective space
Projective transformation
Projective unitary group
Projective variety
Projective vector field
Prokhorov's theorem
Prolate spheroid
Prolate spheroidal coordinates
Prolate spheroidal wave function
Promoting adversaries
Pronic number
Pronormal subgroup
Prony equation
Proof (2005 film)
Proof (play)
Proof (truth)
Proof assistant
Proof by contradiction
Proof by contrapositive
Proof by exhaustion
Proof by infinite descent
Proof by intimidation
Proof calculus
Proof complexity
Proof compression
Proof mining
Proof net
Proof of Bertrand's postulate
Proof of concept
Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem for specific exponents
Proof of Fermat's last theorem
Proof of impossibility
Proof of O(log*n) time complexity of Union Find
Proof of Stein's example
Proof of the Euler product formula for the Riemann zeta function
Proof procedure
Proof sketch for Gödel's first incompleteness theorem
Proof that 22/7 exceeds π
Proof that e is irrational
Proof that π is irrational
Proof theory
Proof without words
Proof-carrying code
Proof-number search
Proofs and Refutations
Proofs from THE BOOK
Proofs involving covariant derivatives
Proofs involving ordinary least squares
Proofs involving the addition of natural numbers
Proofs involving the ellipse
Proofs involving the Laplace–Beltrami operator
Proofs involving the Moore–Penrose pseudoinverse
Proofs of convergence of random variables
Proofs of elementary ring properties
Proofs of Fermat's little theorem
Proofs of Fermat's theorem on sums of two squares
Proofs of quadratic reciprocity
Proofs of trigonometric identities
Proof-theoretic semantics
Pro-p group
Propagation of uncertainty
Propensity probability
Propensity score matching
Propensity score
Proper base change theorem
Proper complexity function
Proper convex function
Proper forcing axiom
Proper linear model
Proper map
Proper morphism
Proper transfer function
Properly discontinuous action
Properties of polynomial roots
Property (philosophy)
Property B
Property of Baire
Property P conjecture
Proportion (architecture)
Proportional control
Proportional hazards models
Proportional reduction in loss
Proportional reporting ratio
Proportionality (mathematics)
Propositional calculus
Propositional directed acyclic graph
Propositional formula
Propositional function
Propositional proof system
Propositional variable
Propositiones ad Acuendos Juvenes
Prosecutor's fallacy
Pro-simplicial set
Prosolvable group
Proth number
Proth prime
Proth's theorem
Proto-Indo-European numerals
Proto-value functions
Prouhet–Tarry–Escott problem
Prouhet–Thue–Morse constant
Provability logic
Provable prime
Proximity problems
Proximity space
Proxy (statistics)
Prüfer domain
Prüfer group
Prüfer manifold
Prüfer rank
Prüfer sequence
Prüfer theorems
Prune and search
Prym differential
Prym variety
Pseudo algebraically closed field
Pseudo Jacobi polynomials
Pseudo-abelian category
Pseudoanalytic function
Pseudo-Anosov map
Pseudo-Boolean function
Pseudo-canonical variety
Pseudocompact space
Pseudoconvex function
Pseudo-deltoidal icositetrahedron
Pseudo-differential operator
Pseudoelementary class
Pseudo-Euclidean space
Pseudo-finite field
Pseudo-Goldstone boson
Pseudo-Hadamard transform
Pseudoholomorphic curve
Pseudoisotopy theorem
Pseudometric (disambiguation)
Pseudometric space
Pseudo-monotone operator
Pseudonormal space
Pseudo-polynomial time
Pseudorandom ensemble
Pseudorandom generator theorem
Pseudorandom generator
Pseudorandom noise
Pseudorandom number generator
Pseudo-random number sampling
Pseudo-reductive group
Pseudo-Riemannian manifold
Pseudospectral knotting method
Pseudo-spectral method
Pseudo-uniform polyhedron
Pseudo-Zernike polynomials
Pseudo-zero set
Psi function (disambiguation)
Psi function
P-soluble group
P-stable group
Psychological statistics
Psychology of reasoning
PTAS reduction
Ptolemy's table of chords
Ptolemy's theorem
Public Opinion Quarterly
Publicationes Mathematicae Debrecen
Publications Mathématiques de l'IHÉS
Public-key cryptography
Pugh's closing lemma
Pui Ching Invitational Mathematics Competition
Puig subgroup
Puiseux series
Pulation square
Pullback (category theory)
Pullback (differential geometry)
Pullback attractor
Pullback bundle
Pumping lemma for context-free languages
Pumping lemma for regular languages
Pumping lemma
Puppe sequence
Pure function
Pure mathematics
Pure subgroup
Pure submodule
Pure type system
Purely inseparable extension
Purification of quantum state
Purity (algebraic geometry)
Pursuit curve
Pu's inequality
Pushforward (differential)
Pushforward (disambiguation)
Pushforward (homology)
Pushforward measure
Pushout (category theory)
Push–relabel maximum flow algorithm
P-y method
Pyramid (geometry)
Pyramidal number
Pyrrho's lemma
Pythagoras number
Pythagoras tree (fractal)
Pythagoras tree
Pythagorean addition
Pythagorean comma
Pythagorean expectation
Pythagorean field
Pythagorean means
Pythagorean prime
Pythagorean quadruple
Pythagorean theorem
Pythagorean tiling
Pythagorean trigonometric identity
Pythagorean triple
Pythagorean tuning
Pytkeev space