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Mathematics (R)[edit]

R (complexity)
R. A. Fisher Lectureship
Rabatment of the rectangle
Rabin signature algorithm
Rabinovich–Fabrikant equations
Rabinowitsch trick
Racah polynomials
Racah W-coefficient
Racetrack (game)
Racetrack principle
Racks and quandles
Radar chart
Rademacher complexity
Rademacher distribution
Rademacher system
Rademacher–Menchov theorem
Rademacher's theorem
Rader's FFT algorithm
Radial basis function network
Radial basis function
Radial distance (geometry)
Radial function
Radial line
Radial set
Radially unbounded function
Radiative flux
Radical axis
Radical of a Lie algebra
Radical of a module
Radical of a ring
Radical of an algebraic group
Radical of an ideal
Radical of an integer
Radical polynomial
Radicial morphism
Radio navigation
Radius (graph theory)
Radius of convergence
Radius of curvature (applications)
Radius of curvature (mathematics)
Radius of curvature
Radius of gyration
Radix economy
Radix point
Rado graph
Radó–Kneser–Choquet theorem
Radon measure
Radon space
Radon transform
Radonifying function
Radon–Nikodym theorem
Radon–Riesz property
Radon's theorem
Radó's theorem (harmonic functions)
Rado's theorem (Ramsey theory)
Radó's theorem (Riemann surfaces)
Rado's theorem
Ragsdale conjecture
Raikov's theorem
Rainville polynomials
Raised cosine distribution
Raising and lowering indices
Raising Genius
Rajchman measure
Rake (angle)
Ramanujam vanishing theorem
Ramanujam–Samuel theorem
Ramanujan graph
Ramanujan Mathematical Society
Ramanujan prime
Ramanujan summation
Ramanujan tau function
Ramanujan theta function
Ramanujan–Nagell equation
Ramanujan–Petersson conjecture
Ramanujan's congruences
Ramanujan's lost notebook
Ramanujan's master theorem
Ramanujan's sum
Ramanujan's ternary quadratic form
Ramanujan–Soldner constant
Ramer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm
Ramification group
Ramification theory of valuations
Ramified forcing
Ramp function
Ramsey cardinal
Ramsey RESET test
Ramsey theory
Ramsey's theorem
Rand index
Randić's molecular connectivity index
Randolph diagram
Random coil
Random compact set
Random dynamical system
Random effects estimation
Random effects model
Random element
Random Fibonacci sequence
Random field
Random forest
Random function
Random geometric graph
Random graph
Random group
Random matrix
Random measure
Random minimal spanning tree
Random multinomial logit
Random naive Bayes
Random neural network
Random number book
Random number table
Random number
Random optimization
Random permutation statistics
Random permutation
Random regular graph
Random search
Random self-reducibility
Random sequence
Random structure function
Random tree
Random variable
Random variate
Random walk closeness centrality
Random walk hypothesis
Random walk
Random-access Turing machine
Randomized algorithm
Randomized algorithms as zero-sum games
Randomized response
Randomness extractor
Randomness tests
Range (mathematics)
Range (statistics)
Range searching
Rank (differential topology)
Rank (graph theory)
Rank (linear algebra)
Rank 3 permutation group
Rank correlation
Rank error-correcting code
Rank factorization
Rank of a group
Rank of a partition
Rank of an abelian group
Rank product
Rank ring
Ranked poset
Rankine vortex
Rankine–Hugoniot conditions
Rankine-Hugoniot equation
Rankine's method
Rankin–Selberg method
Rank–nullity theorem
Rank-size distribution
Rao–Blackwell theorem
Raptor code
Rarita–Schwinger equation
Rasch model estimation
Rasch model
Rasiowa–Sikorski lemma
Rastrigin function
Rata Die
Rate distortion theory
Rate function
Rate of convergence
Ratio distribution
Ratio estimator
Ratio test
Rational approximation
Rational consequence relation
Rational dependence
Rational difference equation
Rational function
Rational homotopy theory
Rational mapping
Rational normal curve
Rational normal scroll
Rational number
Rational point
Rational quadratic covariance function
Rational reciprocity law
Rational reconstruction (mathematics)
Rational representation
Rational root theorem
Rational sequence topology
Rational sieve
Rational singularity
Rational surface
Rational trigonometry
Rational variety
Rational zeta series
Rationalisation (mathematics)
Ratner's theorems
Rauch comparison theorem
Rauzy fractal
Raven paradox
Ravenel conjectures
Raw score
Ray casting
Ray transfer matrix analysis
Rayleigh distribution
Rayleigh mixture distribution
Rayleigh quotient iteration
Rayleigh quotient
Rayleigh–Faber–Krahn inequality
Rayleigh–Plesset equation
Rayleigh–Ritz method
Rayleigh's method of dimensional analysis
Raynaud surface
Raynaud's isogeny theorem
RE (complexity)
Reach (mathematics)
Reaction–diffusion system
Reaction–diffusion–advection equation
Reactive search optimization
Real algebraic geometry
Real Analysis Exchange
Real analysis
Real analytic Eisenstein series
Real closed field
Real closed ring
Real computation
Real coordinate space
Real curve
Real form (Lie theory)
Real hyperelliptic curve
Real line
Real number
Real plane curve
Real projective line
Real projective plane
Real projective space
Real representation
Real structure
Real tree
Realcompact space
Reality structure
Realization (probability)
Realization (systems)
Real-Time Outbreak and Disease Surveillance
Real-valued function
Rearrangement inequality
Reasoning system
Reassignment method
Recall bias
Receiver operating characteristic
Recession cone
Reciprocal difference
Reciprocal distribution
Reciprocal Fibonacci constant
Reciprocal Gamma function
Reciprocal lattice
Reciprocal polynomial
Reciprocal rule
Reciprocating oscillation
Reciprocity (engineering)
Reciprocity (projective geometry)
Reciprocity law
Reckoning board
Reconstruction conjecture
Record linkage
Recreational mathematics
Rectangle method
Rectangular function
Rectifiable set
Rectification (geometry)
Rectified 10-cube
Rectified 10-orthoplex
Rectified 10-simplex
Rectified 120-cell
Rectified 2 31 polytope
Rectified 24-cell honeycomb
Rectified 24-cell
Rectified 5-cell
Rectified 5-cube
Rectified 5-orthoplex
Rectified 5-simplex
Rectified 600-cell
Rectified 6-cube
Rectified 6-orthoplex
Rectified 6-simplex
Rectified 7-cube
Rectified 7-orthoplex
Rectified 7-simplex
Rectified 8-cube
Rectified 8-orthoplex
Rectified 8-simplex
Rectified 9-cube
Rectified 9-orthoplex
Rectified 9-simplex
Rectified cubic honeycomb
Rectified Gaussian distribution
Rectified tesseract
Rectilinear minimum spanning tree
Rectilinear polygon
Rectilinear Steiner tree
Recurrence period density entropy
Recurrence plot
Recurrence quantification analysis
Recurrence relation
Recurrent point
Recurrent sequence
Recurrent tensor
Recurrent word
Recursion (computer science)
Recursive Bayesian estimation
Recursive definition
Recursive economics
Recursive function
Recursive indexing
Recursive language
Recursive languages and sets
Recursive ordinal
Recursive partitioning
Recursive set
Recursive tree
Recursively enumerable language
Recursively enumerable set
Recursively inseparable sets
Red auxiliary number
Red-black tree
Redescending M-estimator
Redheffer matrix
Redmond–Sun conjecture
Reduced cost
Reduced derivative
Reduced dimensions form
Reduced homology
Reduced product
Reduced residue system
Reduced ring
Reducible variety
Reductio ad absurdum
Reduction (complexity)
Reduction (mathematics)
Reduction (recursion theory)
Reduction of order
Reduction of the structure group
Reduction strategy
Reductive dual pair
Reductive group
Reductive Lie algebra
Redundancy (information theory)
Redundant binary representation
Ree group
Reeb foliation
Reeb graph
Reeb sphere theorem
Reeb stability theorem
Reeb vector field
Reed–Muller code
Reed-Muller expansion
Reed–Solomon error correction
Reeh–Schlieder theorem
Rees algebra
Rees factor semigroup
Reeve tetrahedron
Refactorable number
Reference class forecasting
Reference class problem
Refinable function
Refinement (topology)
Refinement calculus
Refinement monoid
Reflected Brownian motion
Reflecting cardinal
Reflection (mathematics)
Reflection formula
Reflection group
Reflection principle (disambiguation)
Reflection principle
Reflection symmetry
Reflection theorem
Reflective subcategory
Reflexive closure
Reflexive module
Reflexive operator algebra
Reflexive relation
Reflexive space
Reflexive transitive closure
Reflexive transitive symmetric closure
Reform mathematics
Regenerative process
Regev's theorem
Regge calculus
Regiomontanus' angle maximization problem
Region (mathematical analysis)
Region connection calculus
Regionalized variable theory
Register machine
Regression Analysis of Time Series
Regression analysis
Regression dilution
Regression discontinuity design
Regression fallacy
Regression model validation
Regression toward the mean
Regressive discrete Fourier series
Regular cardinal
Regular category
Regular chain
Regular conditional probability
Regular constraint
Regular Division of the Plane
Regular element of a Lie algebra
Regular element
Regular extension
Regular grammar
Regular graph
Regular grid
Regular Hadamard matrix
Regular homotopy
Regular ideal
Regular isotopy
Regular local ring
Regular map (graph theory)
Regular map
Regular matrix
Regular matroid
Regular measure
Regular number
Regular paperfolding sequence
Regular part
Regular p-group
Regular polychoron
Regular polygon
Regular polyhedron
Regular polytope
Regular Polytopes (book)
Regular prime
Regular representation
Regular ring
Regular semi-algebraic system
Regular semigroup
Regular sequence
Regular singular point
Regular skew polyhedron
Regular space
Regular surface
Regular tuning
Regularity theorem for Lebesgue measure
Regularity theorem
Regularization (mathematics)
Regularization (physics)
Regularization perspectives on support vector machines
Regularized canonical correlation analysis
Regularized Gamma function
Regularized meshless method
Regulated function
Regulated integral
Reidemeister move
Reider's theorem
Reification (statistics)
Reinforcement learning
Reinhardt cardinal
Reinhardt domain
Reisner Papyrus
Reiss relation
Rejecta Mathematica
Rejection sampling
Related rates
Relation algebra
Relation composition
Relation construction
Relational algebra
Relational calculus
Relational model
Relationships among probability distributions
Relative canonical model
Relative change and difference
Relative contact homology
Relative dimension
Relative homology
Relative interior
Relative neighborhood graph
Relative risk
Relative scalar
Relative standard deviation
Relative term
Relatively compact subspace
Relatively hyperbolic group
Relativistic Breit–Wigner distribution
Relativistic chaos
Relativistic Euler equations
Relativistic heat conduction
Relativistic quantum mechanics
Relativistic system (mathematics)
Relaxation (approximation)
Relaxation (iterative method)
Relevance logic
Relevance vector machine
Reliability (psychometrics)
Reliability theory
Rellich–Kondrachov theorem
Remak decomposition
Remarkable cardinal
Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics
Remez algorithm
Remez inequality
Remmert–Stein theorem
Removable singularity
Rencontres numbers
Rendezvous problem
Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico della Università di Padova
Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico Università e Politecnico di Torino
Renewal theory
Renormalization group
Rényi entropy
Repeated measures design
Repeating decimal
Replication (statistics)
Replicator equation
Reports on Mathematical Physics
Representable functor
Representable number
Representation (mathematics)
Representation of a Lie group
Representation of a Lie superalgebra
Representation rigid group
Representation ring
Representation theorem
Representation theory of diffeomorphism groups
Representation theory of finite groups
Representation theory of Hopf algebras
Representation theory of SL2(R)
Representation theory of SU(2)
Representation theory of the Galilean group
Representation theory of the Lorentz group
Representation theory of the Poincaré group
Representation theory of the symmetric group
Representation theory
Representation up to homotopy
Representative function
Representer theorem
Reproducing kernel Hilbert space
Reptation Monte Carlo
Repunit prime
Resampling (statistics)
Rescaled range
Research Institute for Advanced Studies
Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Research subject
Resection (orientation)
Reservoir sampling
Residual (numerical analysis)
Residual property (mathematics)
Residual property
Residual sum of squares
Residual time
Residual topology
Residual variance
Residually finite group
Residuated Boolean algebra
Residuated lattice
Residuated mapping
Residue (complex analysis)
Residue at infinity
Residue class-wise affine group
Residue field
Residue number system
Residue theorem
Resistance distance
Resistive ballooning mode
Resolution (algebra)
Resolution (logic)
Resolution of singularities
Resolution proof compression by splitting
Resolution proof reduction via local context rewriting
Resolvable space
Resolvent (Galois theory)
Resolvent cubic
Resolvent formalism
Resolvent set
Resource bounded measure
Resource contention
Resource leak
Response bias
Response rate
Response surface methodology
Restricted Boltzmann machine
Restricted isometry property
Restricted Lie algebra
Restricted maximum likelihood
Restricted partial quotients
Restricted product
Restricted randomization
Restricted representation
Restricted root system
Restricted sumset
Restriction (mathematics)
Restriction of scalars
Rethinking Mathematics
Retired number
Retkes convergence criterion
Retkes identities
Retract (group theory)
Return period
Reuleaux tetrahedron
Reuleaux triangle
Reverse Cuthill-McKee algorithm
Reverse mathematics
Reverse Monte Carlo
Reverse perspective
Reverse Polish notation
Reverse reconstruction
Reversed compound agent theorem
Reverse-delete algorithm
Reversible diffusion
Reversible dynamics
Reversible reference system propagation algorithm
Reversible-jump Markov chain Monte Carlo
Reviews in Mathematical Physics
Revista Colombiana de Estadistica
Revolutions in Mathematics
Rexer's Annual Data Miner Survey
Reye configuration
Reynolds operator
Reynolds stress
Reynolds transport theorem
Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes equations
Rhind Mathematical Papyrus 2/n table
Rhind Mathematical Papyrus
Rho calculus
Rhode Island Math League
Rhombic dodecahedral honeycomb
Rhombic dodecahedron
Rhombic enneacontahedron
Rhombic icosahedron
Rhombic triacontahedron
Rhombicosidodecahedral prism
Rhombicuboctahedral prism
Rhombille tiling
Rhombitetraheptagonal tiling
Rhombitetrapentagonal tiling
Rhombitriheptagonal tiling
Rhombitrihexagonal prismatic honeycomb
Rhombitrihexagonal tiling
Rhombitrioctagonal tiling
Rhumb line
Ribbon category
Ribbon Hopf algebra
Ribbon knot
Ribbon theory
Ribet's theorem
Riccati equation
Ricci calculus
Ricci curvature
Ricci decomposition
Ricci flow
Ricci-flat manifold
Rice distribution
Rice's formula
Rice's theorem
Rice–Shapiro theorem
Richard Rusczyk
Richards equation
Richard's paradox
Richardson Chair of Applied Mathematics
Richardson extrapolation
Richardson-Lucy deconvolution
Richardson's theorem
Richmond surface
Rickart space
Ridders' method
Ridge (differential geometry)
Ridge detection
Ridit scoring
Riemann curvature tensor
Riemann form
Riemann hypothesis
Riemann integral
Riemann invariant
Riemann manifold
Riemann mapping theorem
Riemann problem
Riemann series theorem
Riemann solver
Riemann sphere
Riemann sum
Riemann surface
Riemann Xi function
Riemann zeta function
Riemann–Hilbert correspondence
Riemann–Hilbert problem
Riemann–Hurwitz formula
Riemannian circle
Riemannian connection on a surface
Riemannian geometry
Riemannian manifold
Riemannian Penrose inequality
Riemannian submanifold
Riemannian submersion
Riemann–Lebesgue lemma
Riemann–Liouville integral
Riemann–Roch theorem for smooth manifolds
Riemann–Roch theorem for surfaces
Riemann–Roch theorem
Riemann's differential equation
Riemann's minimal surface
Riemann–Siegel formula
Riemann–Siegel theta function
Riemann–Silberstein vector
Riemann–Stieltjes integral
Riemann–von Mangoldt formula
Riesel number
Riesel Sieve
Riesz function
Riesz mean
Riesz potential
Riesz rearrangement inequality
Riesz representation theorem
Riesz sequence
Riesz space
Riesz theorem
Riesz transform
Riesz–Fischer theorem
Riesz–Markov–Kakutani representation theorem
Riesz's lemma
Riesz–Thorin theorem
Rigged Hilbert space
Right angle
Right conoid
Right half-plane
Right inverse
Right kite
Right prime
Right quotient
Right triangle
Right-hand rule
Right-truncatable prime
Rigid analytic space
Rigid body dynamics
Rigid body
Rigid category
Rigid cohomology
Rigid graph
Rigid origami
Rigid transformation
Rigidity (mathematics)
Rigidity matroid
Rigorous coupled-wave analysis
Rijndael mix columns
Rijndael S-box
Ring (mathematics)
Ring class field
Ring extension
Ring homomorphism
Ring of integers
Ring of mixed characteristic
Ring of p-adic periods
Ring of periods
Ring of polynomial functions
Ring of sets
Ring of symmetric functions
Ring spectrum (homotopy theory)
Ring theory
Ringed space
Ringel–Hall algebra
Riordan array
Rips machine
Risch algorithm
Rising sun lemma
Risk Analysis (journal)
Risk assessment
Risk box
Risk function
Risk limiting post-election audit
Risk of ruin
Risk perception
Risk theory
Risk-based authentication
Risk-neutral measure
Ritz method
Rivista italiana di economia demografia e statistica (RIEDS)
Rizza manifold
RL (complexity)
Rng (algebra)
Road coloring problem
Robbins algebra
Robbins constant
Robbins lemma
Robbins pentagon
Robbins problem
Robbins' problem
Robbins' theorem
Robertson graph
Robertson–Seymour theorem
Robin boundary condition
Robinson algorithm
Robinson arithmetic
Robinson's joint consistency theorem
Robinson–Schensted correspondence
Robinson–Schensted–Knuth correspondence
Robust Bayesian analysis
Robust control
Robust measures of scale
Robust optimization
Robust regression
Robust statistics
Rocket City Math League
Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics
Rod (geometry)
Rod calculus
Rod group
Rodger's method
Rodrigues' formula
Rodrigues' rotation formula
Roe solver
Rogers polynomials
Rogers–Ramanujan continued fraction
Rogers–Ramanujan identities
Rogers–Szegő polynomials
Roitman's theorem
Rokhlin's theorem
Rolf Schock Prizes
Rolle's theorem
Rollo Davidson Prize
Romaka Siddhanta
Roman abacus
Roman dodecahedron
Roman numerals
Roman Opałka
Roman surface
Romanesco broccoli
Romanian Master of Mathematics and Sciences
Romanian numbers
Romberg's method
Roof pitch
Rook polynomial
Rook's graph
Room square
Root (mathematics) (disambiguation)
Root datum
Root group
Root locus
Root mean square fluctuation
Root mean square
Root of unity modulo n
Root of unity
Root system of a semi-simple Lie algebra
Root system
Root test
Rooted graph
Rooted product of graphs
Root-finding algorithm
Root-mean-square deviation (bioinformatics)
Root-mean-square deviation
Rosati involution
Rose (mathematics)
Rose (topology)
Rosenbrock function
Rosenbrock methods
Rose–Vinet equation of state
Ross' π lemma
Rosser's equation
Rosser's theorem
Rosser's trick
Ross–Fahroo lemma
Ross–Fahroo pseudospectral method
Rössler attractor
Ross's conjecture
Rost invariant
Rota–Baxter algebra
Rotary reciprocation
Rota's basis conjecture
Rota's conjecture
Rotating calipers
Rotation (mathematics)
Rotation around a fixed axis
Rotation formalisms in three dimensions
Rotation group SO(3)
Rotation group
Rotation map
Rotation matrix
Rotation number
Rotation of axes
Rotation operator (vector space)
Rotation operator
Rotation system
Rotational invariance
Rotational–vibrational coupling
Rotations in 4-dimensional Euclidean space
Rothamsted Experimental Station
Rothe–Hagen identity
Roth's theorem (disambiguation)
Rotor (mathematics)
Rotunda (geometry)
Rouché–Capelli theorem
Rouché's theorem
Rough number
Rough path
Rough set
Roulette (curve)
Round function
Round number
Round robin test
Round-off error
Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics
Route inspection problem
Routh–Hurwitz stability criterion
Routh–Hurwitz theorem
Routh's theorem
Row and column spaces
Row echelon form
Row equivalence
Row space
Row vector
Rowbottom cardinal
Royal Statistical Society
RP (complexity)
RRQR factorization
RSA Factoring Challenge
RSA numbers
RSA problem
RTCP hierarchical aggregation
Rubik's Cube group
Rubik's Cube
Rubik's Revenge
Rubin Causal Model
Rudin–Shapiro sequence
Rudvalis group
Ruelle zeta function
Ruffini's rule
Ruin theory
Rule complex
Rule of 72
Rule of inference
Rule of marteloio
Rule of nines (mathematics)
Rule of product
Rule of replacement
Rule of Sarrus
Rule of succession
Rule of sum
Ruled surface
Ruled variety
Rules for the Direction of the Mind
Rules of passage (logic)
Rulkov map
Runcinated 120-cell
Runcinated 24-cell
Runcinated 5-cell
Runcinated 5-cube
Runcinated 5-demicube
Runcinated 5-orthoplex
Runcinated 5-simplex
Runcinated 6-cube
Runcinated 6-demicube
Runcinated 6-orthoplex
Runcinated 6-simplex
Runcinated 7-cube
Runcinated 7-orthoplex
Runcinated 7-simplex
Runcinated 8-simplex
Runcinated alternated cubic honeycomb
Runcinated tesseract
Runcitruncated cubic honeycomb
Runge–Kutta method (SDE)
Runge–Kutta methods
Runge–Kutta–Fehlberg method
Runge's phenomenon
Runge's theorem
Run-length encoding
Running total
Ruppeiner geometry
Ruppert's algorithm
Rupture field
Russell's paradox
Russo–Dye theorem
Russo–Vallois integral
Ruth Lyttle Satter Prize in Mathematics
Ruth–Aaron pair
Ruziewicz problem
RV coefficient
Rvachev function
Ryll-Nardzewski fixed-point theorem