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    Hi, my name is Tom Ruen. If you'd like to contact me, try out the form at: Special:Emailuser/tomruen

    I also edit from User:SockPuppetForTomruen, mostly for eclipses.

    My work here[edit]

    I first came on here to edit on April 28, 2004 (19 years ago now!) It is an addicting idea to try to add to something much bigger than I could ever do. I am a little skeptical over the idea of freedom to change anything, but overall I'm very impressed by the quality of articles and I have faith good work is being done and I can add to it.

    There are many quality websites out there and it seems silly to duplicate too much. I like the idea of learning about something and testing my knowledge by trying to share it. For me that motivates much of my efforts here.

    Primary topics I've worked on include geometry, and astronomy.

    My specialty has primarily been image generation, perhaps because I've found so many articles where useful images were absent. I try to make quality images, but I will compromise perfection for meaningful improvement. I'm happy if anyone can replace my images with better ones.

    Active work and subpages[edit]

    About me[edit]


    EarthMoonCharonCharonNixNixKerberosKerberosStyxStyxHydraHydraPlutoPlutoDysnomiaDysnomiaErisErisNamakaNamakaHi'iakaHi'iakaHaumeaHaumeaMakemakeMakemakeMK2MK2XiangliuXiangliuGonggongGonggongWeywotWeywotQuaoarQuaoarSednaSednaVanthVanthOrcusOrcusActaeaActaeaSalaciaSalacia2002 MS42002 MS4File:EightTNOs.png
    Artistic comparison of Pluto, Eris, Haumea, Makemake, Gonggong, Quaoar, Sedna, Orcus, Salacia, 2002 MS4, and Earth along with the Moon


    Wiki news[edit]

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    Devon Conway in April 2023
    Devon Conway
    Autographed photograph of Rosa Raisa, with the inscription "To Mr. Tito Ricordi, Sincerely Raisa N.Y. 1917."
    Rosa Raisa (30 May 1893 – 28 September 1963) was a Polish-born and Italian-trained Russian-Jewish dramatic operatic soprano who became a naturalized American. She possessed a voice of remarkable power and was the creator of the title role of Puccini's last opera, Turandot, at La Scala in Milan. This photograph of Raisa, which she autographed in 1917, was taken by Herman Mishkin, a Russian-American photographer who specialized in photographing opera singers.Photograph credit: Herman Mishkin; restored by Adam Cuerden