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This sub-page contains an outline of the workshops for students taking Interaction, Experience and Engagement in February 2013.

Session 1[edit]


  • Registering
  • The user page (I'll show you mine if you show me yours!)
  • Basic wikitext (see PDF handout)
  • Selecting a page to create/edit (+ Notability)
  • Sandbox (for future easy access, you can put {{My sandbox}} on your userpage or [[User:otherusername/sandbox|insert Actual Name here]] to link to someone else's sandbox on your userpage.)
  • Using the Watchlist
  • View History
  • Simplified Help

Preparing your first public contribution[edit]

  • Talk pages (meeting other wikipedians)
  • Communicating with other Wikipedians (using Template:Talkback)
  • Preliminary work on your contributions (ask a question at the Wikipedia:Teahouse)
  • Remember that this is an {{Educational assignment}} (see below)

Preparing for the next session[edit]

User Page[edit]

  1. Think about what else you want to include on your User Page aside from what you've already written there.
  2. Work on your User Page so it's clear that you've done more on it that we did together during the first workshop

Article Page/s[edit]

  1. Find at least one primary source and at least one secondary source about the subject you're working on.
  2. Bring the two (or more) sources with you to the lab.
  3. IF YOU'RE CREATING A NEW PAGE: Make sure you've written an appropriate topic sentence (as outlined at Wikipedia:LEAD) to appear as the very first thing you're going to upload about your subject, possibly as a {{stub}}
  4. Prepare one or two short paragraphs about your subject
  5. Prepare a question for the Tea House and feel free to submit it ahead of the second workshop so that you can share the experience with the rest of us in the lab.

Session 2[edit]

Managing and enhancing your contributions[edit]

Improving an article[edit]

Refining your contribution[edit]

Remember to add the template {{Educational assignment}} to the talk page of any article you are creating or significantly editing for your assignment.[edit]

More precisely, add a tag like this to the talk page/s of the article/s you're working on:

{{Educational assignment|month=02|year=2013|link=Wikipedia:School_and_university_projects/Interaction_Experience_and_Engagement_2013}}

Preparing your presentation[edit]

You can find guidelines on preparing a presentation about your work on the Wikipedia assignment by clicking here.