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In the past I tried to create a Tonkie useraccount on the English language Wikipedia but never managed to do that. But this was never possible thus I used Tonkie67 instead.

But today I logged in on the Dutch language version of Wikipedia and -as always- logged in with the option Log me in Globally and the switched over from some Dutch page to the English version of that page and I noticed that I was now logged in as User:Tonkie and didn't have a User-page etc.

But as I do like to have one account for both my contributions on the Dutch as the English Wiki (I only contribute on those two languages: it is extremely rere that I write something in another language - at least not often enough to create a user).

So from now on I will write/edit articles on the English language Main Page#Wikipedia as Tonkie and stop using User Tonkie67. Although I will continue to have any comments written on my old TALK page to be sent to me via email but I really would appreciate it if you can use my new TALK page.

For my past contributions on the English language version please see: Tonkie67 contributions or for a complete list use THIS tool on the Toolsercer.

Special interests[edit]

I try to confine my contributions to a limited number of subjects, although I do sometimes go beyond my official scope and find myself in the middel of some useless controversy: for example the current discussion on 27 Club and if Amy Winehouse is member....Remarkable how something like that can trigger such heavy emotions (and the same nice discussion is also ongoing on the Dutch language Wikipedia.

But back to my interests: As said I try to limit myself to a limited number of subjects. Currently most contributions are on:

  • Moroccan transport infrastructure
- Category: Transport in Morocco, including

My other main interest is networking. I have either created or edited pages like:

- Dell PowerConnect and info on the company on Dell
- Dell M1000e and a bit on Dell PowerEdge and related pages. Also added the new PowerEdge VRTX system when it was launched end of June 2013.
- Force10 and it's OS: FTOS
- Force10's Virtual Link Trunking
- Cisco Nexus switches
- Link aggregation

and some smaller edits on pages like:

- Cisco and subpages
- VMware ESX