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This is a set of 100 lists of articles in category "Living people", each containing 5000 articles. From this page it is possible to follow all recent changes to articles in a tranche by clicking on the "related changes" link associated with that tranche.

To adopt one of these tranches, please add your signature to the end of its line. This system works best if people choose a tranche at random and commit to check back regularly to check recent changes list and look for unresolved problem edits. --TS 06:34, 3 November 2010 (UTC)

  • Note that these are much easier to patrol if you enable "Enhanced recent changes (requires JavaScript)" in your preferences, it is under the "Recent Changes" tab.
  • Remember that this work is intended to supplement normal patrolling, so don't feel guilty or lose heart if you're only able to patrol sporadically. Any time you look at recent edits in your adopted tranche is time well spent, because you'll be providing an extra pair of eyes in a situation where, most of the time, very few other editors are watching and few of those are looking specifically for BLP issues.