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Tony Crosse - Dr Anthony M. Crosse (born May 1st 1944) is a British polymath and philanthropist. He is a scholar who has one foot in the world of humanities and arts, and the other in the world of science.

Professional practice: electronic and mechanical engineering, work study, music, education, osteopathy, architecture & restoration, advertising, humor, health sector consultancy, art and cognitive science. He has lived, worked and studied in the U.S.A., Spain and France and speaks French, Spanish & is a Latinist.

Academia: has taught and studied at : The British School of Osteopathy; the Universities of Christchurch, Southampton, Canterbury, Goldsmiths, & St Martins. He holds Bachelor of Medicine (M.B.), Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Hons) and Master of Arts (M.A.) degrees; a Doctorate in Cognitive Science (PhD).

Foundations : In 1980, with Bill Owen F.R.C.S., he founded a research unit at Guys Hospital - the 'Tony Crosse Manometry Clinic'. And in 1996 began the HAPi project (Healing Arts Programme intitiative at The Medway Maritime Hospital, Gillingham, Kent.

Post-doctoral Research and Practice: the synthesis of Art & Science where he explores and defines the interactive relationship between Therapist & Client using Visual Metaphor and Auto-didacticism as aids to the healing process. Visual Analogies are the primary core of cognition and through interactive therapy sessions are created by patient and practitioner. They play a significant role as an aid to understanding and controlling illness. The process involves perception, memory, creativity, emotion, explanation and communication and educates both the practitioner and client into the root causes of health issues. The evolving visual analogical language, or symbolic modeling, comprises exemplification, comparisons, metaphors, similes, allegories, and parables. The research and practical application of visual analogy/symbolic modelling is a new discipline developed by Dr Crosse that uses analogy as an educational tool and an aid to self-healing.

Books: 'The Sleeping Artist' - a source book for artists; 'Under the Influence' - the life and work of Barry Leighton-Jones Oct 1932 - Nov 2011 'Salvador Dali & Jean-François Millet' - a dissertation on Dali's reasoning behind the transcriptions of Millet's famous painting 'The Angelus'; 'Life as a Binary System' - explores Darwin's theories on natural selection through the lens of computer science; 'Acronyms for Life' - easy formulae for everyday living; 'Reflex to Reason' - a study of the relationship between Emotions and the Intellect. 'Visual Dialogues as an Aid to Recovery' - layman's guide to the use of visual metaphor for health.

Family: Married to Lynne Rees - Tutor, Poet & Novelist with two daughters (from a previous marriage) Zoe - artist and teacher and Zina - teacher and therapist, their children are Summer and Oliver respectively.

Hobbies: International chess Elo 2285; Golf; Tennis; Sketching & Painting; Playing jazz piano and guitar