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I'm Toon05. I started editing in 2006, with this edit. My first big contribution was getting Alan Shearer to Good Article status (yes, I'm a Newcastle United fan, unfortunately), and my first contribution to feature on the Main Page was a hook from the article Al-Maquar, which I created. I was made an administrator on 9 April 2009, after my request for adminship passed with 54 people in favour and one in opposition. I see my role as little different to what it was previously: to help fix things and help Wikipedia run better. I always try to make informed decisions, but if you feel I've made a mistake then I'd like to know about it - leave me a polite message and things can usually get sorted out. If you need to contact me about anything, if you have any questions about my edits or anything Wikipedia-related, I'm happy to reply to messages left on my talk page or via email.

My big pastime on the Wiki is at Wikipedia:Suspected copyright violations. That is where CorenSearchBot lists all new articles which appear to be copies of other web sources. Wikipedia can't host content that is incompatible with the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license; so someone has to check whether we are allowed to use the content (see Wikipedia:Copyrights) and rectify the situation if not. Even if content is allowed to be used, it must always be attributed to the author. Most free licenses require this, and even if they don't it would constitute plagiarism if we didn't. Blatant copyright infringements with no usable content can be tagged with {{db-cv}} and speedily deleted under CSD G12. Sometimes users try to clean up the articles, but end up creating derivative work - which still falls under the original author's copyright. In these cases, the articles need to be completely rewritten. Authors or owners of copyrighted material sometimes want to post their work on Wikipedia. This is often the case for businesses or individuals who want to promote themselves, in which case our conflict of interest guideline applies.

In cases where an editor declares that they have permission to post content, the articles get tagged with {{copyvio}} and notified of how to prove to the Wikimedia Foundation that they are who they say they are, and have permission to submit the content. The articles then get listed at Wikipedia:Copyright Problems, where after seven days they will be reviewed and deleted if there is no evidence of permission. SCV is an area which often fills up faster than it empties, so any spare eyes are always welcome! If you are unsure about whether we can use something on Wikipedia, the answer can often be found at Wikipedia:FAQ/Copyright or Wikipedia:Copyright. Thanks for reading! – Toon(talk)